The Pleasure Principle, And What You Need To Know


There is what we call music while you work. So, I want you to regard this as your music while you work Post, but I may add some serious stuff along the line, just to let you know. Because I feel that most of us have to find some ways to loosen up a bit during the day.

Pleasure What It Means

According to the Thesaurus Dictionary, Pleasure means the following words: content, contentedness, contentment, delectation, delight, enjoyment, gladness, gratification, happiness, relish, satisfaction, etc.

Here also are some other words related to pleasure: bliss, glee, gleefulness, joy, pleasance, ecstasy, exuberance, restfulness, joyfulness, cheerfulness.

I have to share this great information with you which I came across yesterday during my book research. It really captivated my attention. As my Network friends, associates, colleagues, and everyone I care about, I believe that life and relationships are about sharing, caring, and learning.  

My goal has always been to encourage, care, motivate, and inspire people in any little way I can as we do the business of life. Even though my greatest handicap has been my lack of computer skills and the inability to use Social Media like everyone else. But with what the online business requires, I have no choice but to face the challenge. Slow but steady I’m on it!

Ok, please hear this and read this short article with an open mind and believe that you will gain something from it. I’m going to paraphrase some of the passages here so as to be relevant to the message I want us to get from it.

Paul Pearsall, Ph.D. Findings

Here is what Dr. Paul Pearsall said, “A new plague has struck the world. He calls it the cause of more than one of every four complaints in the United States. He said that this plague is a silent killer, that it spreads without many noticing until it is too late that it is slowly killing those already infected.

He went on to say that this lethal killer is not a virus or bacteria, although just like a virus it severely weakens the body’s defenses against the invaders. Listen to this, he stated that this modern epidemic is even more threatening due to the way it attacks its victims or spread by allowing itself to slowly and carefully spreads on its host for years without much noticeable change until when it is too late. Dr. Paul described this plague as a” lack of joy the lack of sufficient daily bliss to bring about psychological and physical health”. He labeled it “Delight Deficiency Syndrome.” Wow! This is thought-provoking. I read this from one of his books and found it very interesting. I hope you will learn something from it as I did.

Self-Diagnoses Check List For DDS

For us to know if we are infected with the DDS– (Delight Deficiency Syndrome) for us to know if we are infected with the DDS or not, let us examine some of the symptoms:

  • Having chronic fatigue may accompany insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, waking up a few hours of sleep, and unable to fall back to sleep again. I have experienced this before, and I know bad it feels.
  • Constriction, usually experienced as a stiffness in the tense muscle triad of the forehead, neck, and upper shoulders.
  • Feeling conflicted, torn between the need to be with your spouse, family, and friends, and still have your mind at work or business.
  • Being Controlling, feeling that you must stay on top of things, or they will get ahead of you, or fearing that you will lose your space if you don’t push so hard you will be replaced or taken advantage of by others.
  • Feeling challenged, feeling that you must prove yourself to people constantly if not somebody else might get your piece of the pie.
  • Feeling concerned, that’s the feeling of being trapped between daily obligations and dreams of a life not pursued or achieved.
  • Becoming careless, making mistakes in even the simplest and most common activities.
  • Being or acting in a cynical manner, expressing it through sarcasm, being unwilling to trust people, and having difficulty enjoying what would seem to be an enjoyable activity because they seem frivolous or distracting.

As we can see, these are some of the common symptoms of this plague, and as we take time to examine ourselves, we can be able to relate with this great study by Dr. Paul Pearll. At this point, let me inform us that there is no need to panic or fear, instead, we ought to be happy that we are sharing this important information for purposes of self-awareness, and adjustment to any lifestyle that can lead to any of the symptoms listed above.

Here Is The Good News

Yes, let not your heart be troubled, there is a way out of every trouble. The good news for us, for this particular virus or infection, unlike the COVID-19 Pandemic is that the DDS has a cure! This virus has a treatment, that is quite affordable for everyone suffering from Delight Deficient Syndrome.

But the cure starts from knowing, realizing, understanding how we are living, and our approach to life generally. We have to see and understand the conflict that is going on within us, what we are, how we behave, and what we do. Between our current lifestyles and our body’s instinctive desires and needs. That’s the cause of the infection in the first place. If we can slow down a bit, and adjust our daily obligations, to give attention to our physical, mental, and spiritual health, we will feel differently.

We Can Choose To Feel Delightful

Most of the bottled anger, frustrations, pains, loneliness, anxiety, fear, insecurity, hatred, selfishness, and the rest of the negative emotions will begin to loosen their grips, and we can begin to breathe fresh air again and see the rainbow again. God wants us to have life and to have it more abundantly, but we are misplacing the order and ignoring the real-life principles as it was intended to be lived.

We are better than ignoring the realities of life. We’re better than thinking that money is the answer to every problem, that having more material things will provide us joy and fulfill the emptiness in our souls. No, it won’t there is a hole that in every man’s soul that can only be filled and nourished by connecting to our higher power to God only, whatever name anybody knows Him with, provided He is the true God!

In conclusion, I think the message we have to get from this article, is that we should tolerate a gleeful rush and not the goal-rush. The former is good for our body’s response and normal functioning while the later makes our body to be in a constant rush, being too busy, that we no longer have time to enjoy our environment, our families, relationships, or enjoy the simple pleasures of the daily living. We have to pay intentional attention to how we conduct our business of life or our life business.

Let me hear from you. This is an interesting read. We all know how chaotic life has become, as a result of our consumerism mentality. But I believe we can do better, like the late Congressman, Cummings Elijah use to say “we are better than this”. Friends, we can live better than this chaotic way we are living today.

4 thoughts on “The Pleasure Principle, And What You Need To Know”

  1. Someone once said that life is what you make it and it is so true, we live in a world where so many things are happening and if we are not careful we can find ourselves being sucked in along with having to deal with our personal issues that can become so overbearing. But what we should do is focus on the positive and not the negative doing all that we can do to stay mentally healthy. Thanks so much for sharing and insightful post.

    1. Hi Norman, I do appreciate your valuable input on my post. Yes, it is within us to live a life that we can be 

      proud of after all said and done. We just have to know that our health, happiness, relationships, values, and faith are part of our daily activities. We can’t short change them and still feel fulfilled. DDS is real because people are overly busy. We have the time to learn!

      I hope to hear from you again.


  2. It feels like there arent enough hours in a day to get the things done that we need to accomplish.

    Right now is a great example-We are living through Covid-19.  While there was so much negative in my world a lot of good came out of a 3 month lock down.

    I have always said its what you make of whats right in front of you

    You list DDS, well if we look around I believe that to be a real syndrome.

    Thanks for the great article

    1. Dale, thanks so much for stopping by at my site and for your great input. Yes, you’re absolutely right, the 3 months Covidd-19 Pandemic global Lockdown has a lot of changes to offer everyone, both as individuals, or government, industries, schools, retail shops, and so forth. Personally, I learned a lot from it and still learning and relating to the Biblical messages. As for making time to enjoy life, and to pay attention to things that matter most in life many people are missing it, because of man’s insatiable appetite for materialism. To the point that the 24 hours the equal time is no longer enough for us to finish our To-Do-List daily. Looking around me, my family, friends, neighbors, on how we work, and how much time left for other things, I can’t agree more for the effects of DDS to our lives.

      I don’t want to live in denial of the effects of DDS. One of the things I can do is to start making some intentional adjustments to be accountable with my time to God, my family, and to myself.

      Once again, thanks, hope you keep visiting.


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