Poshmark Review: How to Sell on Poshmark

Poshmark Review: How to Sell on Poshmark

If you consider selling on Poshmark, you may wonder how to get started. Before you start, you should know a little about the website and how it works. Understanding what people are looking for and what is trending is crucial. You should know what items sell on Poshmark and how you can sell them. 

To sell on Poshmark, you’ll need to create an account. This site matches buyers with sellers who offer brands they like, creating a Personal Shopping Network. 

Poshmark has a social component to it, enabling users to interact with each other. This can be beneficial to your sales. 

You can even host your parties and interact with other users. Remember that it’s not a “list and forget it” platform, and you should stay active to sell on Poshmark.

Depending on the item you’re selling, you can increase your chances of making sales on Poshmark by adding discounts and promotions. 

Some Poshmark sellers offer free shipping or reduced shipping. These offers are a great incentive for potential buyers. However, remember that you never want to price items below their market value.

Before listing on Poshmark, it’s important to note that Poshmark takes 20% of the final sales price. This fee is reasonable, exposing you to millions of potential buyers.

How does Poshmark Work?

When selling on Poshmark, the more visible your listing is, the better. Whether you’re a new seller or have been selling for years, there are ways to increase your visibility and make more sales. 

You can promote your listing on social media and directly from the Poshmark app. In addition, you can send private offers to buyers. Potential buyers will have 24 hours to accept your offer.

The process is simple. All you need to do is take a photo of the item you wish to sell or upload one from your phone. 

Then, you’ll fill out a brief description and set the price. Once you’ve finished, you can share your listing to get more exposure and sell your items. Poshmark even provides a prepaid shipping label so you can easily ship your items to new buyers.

Poshmark also offers buyer and seller protections. If a buyer refuses to accept your item, you can refuse to ship it. If you don’t want to sell the item, Poshmark will refund your money if you cancel the transaction. 

You can also include stickers, a thank you note, or a business card in the package. Poshmark has helped many people sell their clothes and is now one of the most popular apps for reselling items.

What Items Are Selling on Poshmark?

If you’re considering selling your used clothes or shoes, you may want to check out the marketplace at Poshmark. This platform is a great way for you to make some extra money and a great place to shop for great deals. 

Share your listings: This is crucial for getting more exposure to your listings. Share other sellers’ listings and try this strategy during Poshmark parties. 

These events allow you to gain more exposure for your listings and reach out to people who aren’t followers of your page.

List your items in the best condition possible. You want to sell in great condition and avoid selling items with obvious damage. 

How to Sell on Poshmark

Here are the steps to sell on Poshmark:

Install and Open the Poshmark App.

Once you’ve installed and opened the Poshmark App, you can view all your listings and photos of each. You can then accept or decline offers. When an offer is accepted, you’ll receive a notification to pack your item for shipping. 

Poshmark will also email you a prepaid shipping label. Once your item ships, you have three days to request a refund. 

To download and install the Poshmark App for PC, head to the Amazon AppStore. After you’ve logged in, you’ll see an icon in your apps list. Double-click the app icon to open the app. 

The Poshmark app for PC has the same UI as the app on your Smartphone. If you have a slow PC, you can also use the MemuPlay or Bluestacks emulators to install the app.

Poshmark is available for PC as a free app. The download process is similar to installing the app on an Android device. Once the application is installed, you can start using it.

Set up Your Account Profile.

Before you start selling on Poshmark, you should set up your profile. You can start by choosing up to three brands to sell from. This will enable Poshmark to match you with similar sellers who sell the same brands. 

Then, create your first listing and use high-quality, professional photos. You can post up to 17 photos and a cover image on each listing.

Poshmark has a built-in buyer community, with over five million active users. This is great if you’re looking to sell fast because Poshmark has a built-in audience of shoppers. 

Users spend an average of 23-27 minutes daily on the site. This makes Poshmark a good option if you’re looking to sell items quickly and maximize sales.

Setting up your profile to sell on Poshmark is easy if you follow a few simple steps. Create a listing with the right price and share options. 

Then, buyers can make offers on your items. You can also offer discounts and bundles to encourage them to buy.

Take Good Photos of the Listed Item

If you want to sell on Poshmark, you should take good photos. It is important to use good lighting to capture the best possible image of the item. This is something that most photographers would agree is essential. You need to place the item in a way that gives it perfect lighting. 

You need to understand that not all types of light are created equally. Sunlight, window light, reflected light, and backlight have different qualities. 

That is why you must practice with different kinds of light to ensure you get the best photo for your listing.

Take detailed pictures of your items always. A good way to do this is to use an app like Poshmark.  Write To $1K Review

The app allows users to upload up to 8 photos per listing. In addition, you can include a cover shot. This is the first photo a buyer will see in your listing. It should give the buyer a good idea of what the item looks like.

Write a Description.

To make the most of Poshmark, you need to describe your products. This is crucial to ensuring your sales are successful. 

You must describe your items as accurately as possible. Here are some tips that can help you write a description: Use indirect natural lighting, take a photo from different angles and add a video if you have one. 

Also, incorporate SEO (search engine optimization) into your product descriptions. This helps brands rank their pages on Google.

When writing a description for your Poshmark listings, you must provide as much information as possible. You should include the item’s brand, style, color, and condition. 

You also need to indicate whether it fits properly. You can use a template to write the description for your listing.

While using a generic title for your product may be tempting, you must create something that will attract potential buyers.

Using keywords or phrases is vital to your success. Using keywords and phrases will enable Poshmark users to search for items similar to yours.

Check the Color, Size and Category Boxes

Poshmark is a great site for selling clothing. Unlike other sites, which have a lot of noise and suggest that you pay to post ads, Poshmark has no such requirement. 

It is possible to list a few items and extend the shipping time to a few days by going to the post office every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The best way to get more exposure is to share your items and follow other Poshmark members. The more people share your listings, the more chances you have of getting a sale. 

You can do this manually, but it will become tedious. A great option is to use Posher VA, which automates sharing.

Poshmark also offers a social marketplace where buyers and sellers interact. Poshmark users can browse listings, post comments, and comment on other posts. It is an excellent place to sell clothes, accessories, and select home goods.

Poshmark Pricing

Although there are no listing fees on Poshmark, sellers pay the platform in other ways:

  • Poshmark takes a flat fee or a percentage of all sales made on the platform.
  • It charges a flat fee of $2.95 for sales under $15. If you sell an item for $3.00, you will only receive $0.05.
  • Poshmark takes 20% of the total sale price on all sales over $15.


To explore Poshmark, you need to remember some tips before selling. First, be sure to prioritize your listings. If you list the most popular items at the top, they are more likely to be shared by your followers. 

You can also use the sharing strategy during Poshmark parties to get more exposure for your items. This way, you can reach people outside of your followers.

Second, consider your price range. Poshmark allows sellers to set bundled discounts. You can offer up to 30% off your items, which can be beneficial for your business. When pricing, remember to factor in shipping costs. 

A 20% margin is enough to make a decent profit. If you price too high, you may turn away customers willing to pay extra for your item.

Third, remember to follow the rules of Poshmark. You should avoid selling items with low value. Poshmark will deposit your money 72 hours after you receive the payment. 

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