Positive Coping Skills During Hard Times

Positive Coping Skills During Hard Times

Many people cope differently during hard times in their lives. And how one copes during such times matters for the individual’s psychological and physical health. Hard times require faith to face it; and what does faith do? Faith energizes you to cope and to believe that you will get over the hard times, and that things will get better. It is essential that we all learn the positive coping skills to use during hard times.. It helps one to face the future without fear and despair.  Applying Faith will help you turn the pains and hurts you’re going through into motivation to serve others. Whereas, if you are prone to pessimism, you will cry, complaining, moaning, and groaning.

No one Wishes To Be In Distress

Nobody likes stressful life. And nobody likes to be boxed into a corner. But yet, life will always happen. Life never goes the way it planned or expected it should be, at least for so many people. For instance, nobody wishes to get married and to get divorced after having children together, or wishes to graduate from college only to become clinically depressed. No one wishes to open a business, after investing time and money only to see everything sunk in. Neither will anyone wish to be disabled and be wheel- chairbound?

All these and many more are some tragic experiences that people face, and they are painful and devastating and life altering experiences that require special coping skills and a positive mindset to cope.   When things go wrong, the natural tendency will be to focus on what has gone wrong. The person will see what is wrong with everything and with everybody. Some people cope by living in denial or the realities of their issues, they will do everything possible to mask up any situation.

Negative Coping Skills Leads to Low-self esteem

When one cannot cope with the challenges of life, the person naturally will start losing his self- esteem. And that can produce entire new areas of problems. As the person tries to cope with life’s hurts, the person can resort to other very poor coping mechanisms, such as using drugs, drinking alcohol, gambling, sliding to laziness, by over sleeping, because the person wants to use sleep to detach the mind from what’s the issue.  Over-eating, and other compulsive behaviors which may have both legal and psychological consequences. And therefore some lives are being destroyed and dreams lost.How To Live The Past Behind

I have a very dear person who has been using wrong coping mechanisms to sooth her pains. And this has resulted to some other negative effects. I strongly recommend people seeking help, knowledge, and self-development skills in handling painful situations. The need to develop and apply positive skills to how we handle our challenges is very crucial for both our survival and subsequent success in other areas of life.

Positive Coping Skills Leads to Self-confidence

In contrast, people with positive coping skills can cope creatively when faced with life issues. And one way is by thinking positively as I mentioned above, and this is not as easy as they say. It requires a great deal of mind discipline. It is difficult for a depressed person, for instance, to see light and brightness while all the person’s mind sees are darkness, hopelessness, anger, bitterness, and all the negative emotions that the disturbed mind can summon.  But if one’s mind is nurtured to reframe his or her frame of thoughts, the person can see stumbling blocks as stepping stones. Instead of counting all the loses, they can still count some blessings amid the negative situations.  

Positive Coping  Skills, showing the skills of hope, thrive, and courage.
Coping With Life Strategies

What hurts you at the moment? What kind of challenges have you being dealing with recently and how have you being coping with it? Have you been able to reframe the situation by seeing it from the positive eye view? I like the saying, “there is hope for the living.” Let me remind and motivate you today, that there is still hope for things to turn, to turn good beyond your wildest imagination. Thousands of people have had what looked like hopeless situations in their lives, and miraculously they could turn things around, and rose from the valley of life to the mountain tops of their lives! https://au.reachout.com/articles/10-tips-for-coping-with-the-hard-stuff

Refocus Your Thoughts

You can start today, to summon courage, and determine to turn negative situations that want to keep you down and shake off their shackles. Liberate your mind, speak hope, peace, love, forgiveness, and motivate yourself and believe that you shall not fail, and you shall not die but live to fulfil your pose for life. Try to extend yourself to others, smile at the elder, and care for others in any way you can. Volunteer your time to serve in schools, nursing homes, library, etc.

Connect with Other People and Groups

Find people you trust and share some of your burdens, your desires, and join a community of faith people. Listen to some good gospel, or country music, or any music of your choice. And if you are like me, find some excellent books on self-improvement and other non-fictional books or even good fictional books and read. I will prefer to read than watching television, but some television programs are equally good in easing or soothing pains of the mind. Prayer and meditation never fail, provided you do them religiously.

See the Light at The End of The Tunnel!

Positive Skills Needed

Just remember that there is always expiration date for every problem. I want to encourage you with these words, to never lose hope, have faith, determine to take positive actions daily to move forward. Refuse to be down. Remind yourself of what you’re capable of, because you got the potentials in you. The potentials are there within you both at good times. Cope positively to win. Each day, as far as you still have your breath in, you find something to be grateful for. Search for it within you and out of you. Be grateful for having a caring family, friends, and above all be grateful for life!

8 thoughts on “Positive Coping Skills During Hard Times”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this here with us all. Surely a very good post and rather avl very sensitive information here. If I can, I will definitely aspire to try all these out here. It can really be the vbest thing to try to exploit here and can help to restrenthen our mindset to see the positives and go for it. Thanks for sharing here

    1. Nath, thanks for your kind comment. Yes, you can, some tips Listed at the bottom are very necessary, for anyone going through some hard times. I know you can definitely aspire or use them. Start now to learn how to reframe every negative voice or challenges you face. Life can be tough sometimes, but if we learn how to handle things, we will always bounce back from any defeat.

  2. One thing that helps me a lit in times of hardship is the kind of mindsets I wear, it makes it easy for me bro tell me how to react and what to expect, being positive helps you get through things easily and it quickens recovery.  Thee skills are nice and I like the fact that they are very practical and applicable, thanks for sharing.

    1. Bruce, thanks for your honest comment. Yes, developing a positive mindset with high-self-esteem is very key.

      Many people go through life miserably, because of a lack of courage, and belief in themselves. They see everything negatively.  I’m glad for you, keep developing your mind and nurturing it with positive attributes. Very necessary. 

  3. Ma things can make you doubt yourself and so there are some other so many things that you can do to get yourself on tract and doing better in grad times. You have really helped with this one and for me Connect with Other People and Groups have been my power point because I learn and see there hope

    1. Justin, I’m glad you find some useful points you relate to here. Never fight alone, share, connect, and remain strong and hopeful. Resist your spirit from casting down. Always self-talk to yourself positively.

      Remember, every success and failure lies in the mind’s attitude!

      Keep striving.

  4. This is a wonderful subject that a lot of people are looking for. It might help if the headers were a larger font but It was easy to read. You should include examples, things to do, links to de-stressing practices, games, hobbies, activities. Ways to improve, and how to keep it up. Its starts with the basics but I wish there were more ideas on how.

    1. Dash, I appreciate your candid comment, this is a broad topic, the suggestions you made are correct, and I still have room to improve on the how to cope aspect, however, if you read the last paragraph at the very end, I mentioned a lot of how-tos, but did not put them in a list format. So I would like you to read the last lines, and share with me what you think, please. I like your comment. 

      Hope to hear from you often.

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