Real Questions That Demand Real Answers

Real questions That Demand Real Answers

(Feel free to answer any or all of the questions for yourself, the essence is to help us reflect on some issues we may take for granted)

Your answers will be highly appreciated, whether you answer them publicly or privately.

The Most 10 Important Real Questions

  1. What really motivates You daily to work?

2. Some people have some good jobs, with good pay, but still, they are not happy with their job or boss, Why is it so?

3. Why do people hate the job they do, and yet continue to do it? What are our three (3) biggest financial problems now?

5. Use of products or services, which one do you think has the greatest demands in today’s economy?

6. Do you have a good sense of emotional, relational, physical, and spiritual capacities, thereby intentionally pulling back to rest and recharge?

7. Do you regularly able to enter into other people’s worlds and feelings, connecting deeply with them and taking time to imagine what it feels like to live in their shoes?

8. Do you feel uncomfortable asking difficult questions, to yourself, or to others when needed?

9. Do you have the tendency to judge others, or giving your opinions?

10. Do you always need the approval of others to feel good about yourself?

Let’s be real here on this question too.  When asked “What do you do for a living”? What would your answer be and why?

Notwithstanding, perhaps you have asked this question to people before. What kind of information were you expecting from the person? Please provide us with your honest answers here. Asking real questions that demand real answers will always enable us to have a proper perspective.

Here is the hint; should a person’s worth be attributed by his or her profession, position?  Thanks for your anticipated response and valued Time! Why Questioning is Important


Will highly appreciate your Comments.

5 thoughts on “Real Questions That Demand Real Answers”

  1. 2. Have to be happy within yourself before what ever other external event job or item can bring you money.

    1. Hi Akachi, thank you so much for your valuable input to my post. You made an excellent point.
      Our happiness shouldn’t be dependent on one’s circumstances. I know that it is easy to say, but that
      is the best approach if we can learn how to nourish and adjust our minds to take positive thoughts and think on things that make us happy.
      will do is to reframe our perception of whatever external event.
      Happiness is a mind thing for real.
      Thanks for your valuable contribution.

  2. These are indeed real questions that demand answers. It’s surprising that some people have some good jobs, with good pay, but still, they are not happy with their job or boss. Why? You never know, but, what I can guarantee is that there’s underneath information or situation which may be perturbing them inside, and yet most people are not aware of it.

    1. Kokontala, thanks so much for your valuable comment on this article. Well, that is part of the absurdities of life.

      Ironically though, that a person is occupying an envious position does not guarantee that the position is good or satisfying to the person. That’s why we should not allow another person or even society to define the real meaning of success for us. You got to define it yourself, based on your values, beliefs about life, and so on. 

      See you again.

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