How honest do you judge yourself?

Socrates once said that the unexamined life is not worth living. I believe it. Sadly, many people are not paying attention to how they live their life. They are not aware of their blind spots, Instead, they are busy pointing the specks in other people’s eyes while ignoring their own planks. Many of us, regardless of our status, religion, culture, or education doesn’t have a realistic view of who we are.

Dealing with people, whether professionally or regularly starts with yourself. Know thyself first. Personally, this is a principle that has helped me tremendously in my dealings with people in business, leadership, as a wife, and of course as a mother. Knowing myself involves a holistic understanding of myself; being aware of my limitations, and potentials or abilities. It involves knowing my values and beliefs. I don’t just follow the motions or follow the crowd. No, I know who I’m and what my life is about.

Understand Yourself

It is very important that you know yourself if you really want to have a smooth dealing with people. When you understand yourself it will enable you to understand another person. It helps you to identify where your personal difficulties reside. Our self-knowledge will help us to judge things properly and judge others not merely by their actions, but also by their intentions. Some said that the toughest person to lead is oneself, and not another person. I take that to be true.

Take, for instance, an example of small group leadership, it is believed that a good leader must first of all be a good follower, put differently, a good leader was once a good follower. Because it is by understanding how it feels to be at the bottom that will enable a leader to respect his or her followers, by walking in their shoes. Learn to be patient with yourself and then patient with others. Life will always have its way of slowing us down. So be patient, as you go through the process of self-growth. Be patient to learn from mistakes and setbacks. If you’re not practicing patience you will quit before time.

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