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Knowing Your Best Motivation

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Knowing how to motivate yourself can keep your energy level on the green even when it seems you can’t go further. At such a moment in your life, business journey, relationships, job, school, when it feels as if you have hit the dead-end; it is the self-motivation that keeps you striving. This article aims to provide us with some self-motivations tips for self reflection. However, in this article I want us to reframe the motivation we crave in a different light.

And the goal is to help us give ourselves the true motivation we need, based on our unique self and circumstances. The reason being that a lot of us are not living our real life, instead we are living a life pushed upon us by others, by today’s culture, and economic system. And if truth be told, the motivation we receive often time does not give us the meaning and happiness we are working for

I heard a quote recently that goes like this, “Searching for oneself is a journey for a lifetime. Life’s what happens in between.” At first, I was perplexed by that simple statement. Why was it resonating with me? No one truly spent their whole life searching for themselves, do they? I mean everyone seems like they’ve made it, found their purpose, partner, career, calling, etc.

So why does that statement seem like a universal application and not just pertaining to me? The answer I received was COVID-19 Pandemic lessons, that man can propose, but God disposes. We are constantly bombarded day in and day out with all kinds of demands, goals, commitments, and the list are endless. Nobody has a knowledge monopoly. Therefore, sharing self-motivation tips can boost your energy for good.

Consider how we fill in our calendar, pencil in our dates, analyze our accounts making sure everything goes according to plan. And yet the plans fall short of expectations. As far as we are alive, we’re still on a journey of self-discovery. But what matters, in the end, is what you did with all you discovered. Did you change for the better or remain the same?

What’s The Source Of Your Motivation? Take A PAUSE

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Busy has become such a norm that we deem fruitful, regardless of how many hospital bills, how many sleepless nights, and broken hearts. It will all be worth it. Let me be the first to tell you to STOP. It is ok to pause and slow down. I promise. The Earth will continue to rotate, you will not lose your value, you will be ok. You were not put on this Earth for just a job, you were put to work. To use your existence to affect positive change in the environment around you, touch people’s life by being present when your presence is needed. Why We Need Courage

To some people, this statement is like a bucket of ice down your back, wrong and uncomfortable. Why is that? Have you been truly living, grateful for each day God fills your lungs with oxygen and opens your eyes, or are you simply existing, moving from one project to the next?

I want to encourage each reader during this time to take a pause and take a look around you. Make a note of the blessings you have been given each day, it may seem that there are none at times, but when you truly focus, I bet you will be surprised at how much you don’t have to deal with. Take time to truly enjoy what is around you, watch sunsets and remember that that is a dream for some people. Take a walk and recognize the bliss and ease that so many pray tirelessly to God for. Make note that this isn’t to downplay the turbulences that may be occurring in your life but simply to change your focus. 

RE-Strategizing Your Self-Motivation 

Have you been struggling to motivate yourself? That’s because you’re looking for motivation instead of taking the action. People believe that need, motivation, work, and reward move in a linear way when its actuality it’s a cycle. You can start at any point and it still achieves the results you want. Having trouble working out even though you told yourself this is the year I will reach my fitness goals, then strategize.

Instead of looking for the motivation to work out and looking at hundreds of images of “fitness goals” while diving into that delicious burger, why don’t you take action and look for motivation afterward? For example, you may want to start working out consistently, that’s the need. The action would be to set up all your workout items in such a way that it would be more annoying to put it away than to just simply start working out. This is why you need to use the self-motivation tips.

By taking that action, your brain doesn’t have time to debate or come up with excuses, and before you know it the action has led to even more motivation and more action. This logic works in all areas of your life from taking care of the children, making deadlines, and even staying sane. It takes your decision, choice to take action to find the self-motivation tips to refueling your energy.

It’s Better To Be Authentic

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I hope you can see the actual need you have and to see the best motivation you need, which should be custom made. You will live happily at any stage and season of life.  Today, many people are just disillusioned by so many confusing and contradicting voices in their heads. The safest option for many at this point will be just to slow down to capture their breath, to stop the palpitation going on. What sense does it make for a person to work himself or herself to despair, and end up in therapy or hospital for symptoms of depression. Make use of self-motivation tips!

 I know a very dear woman in her 40s, a very lovely woman, very hardworking, multitasking, gifted, and vibrant. She was a mother of 4 young kids, with a husband, a full-time job as a medical assistant, and had just finished writing her Ph.D. in Nursing. One fateful morning, on her way to work all alone in her car, she slumped and that was it! The shock wave just saturated the airwave just like Kobe Bryant’s tragic death. The question in everyone’s mouth was “what is this life? “Oh no, if so, there is nothing in this life.” People were just reacting to those statements. But still, life goes on, right?

Can I just suggest to us all, to be real to yourself? Know what you need and don’t need based on your self-awareness. Avoid any form of unhealthy comparisons and competitions that pushes you beyond your limits to the point of neglecting your core values. We can apply some wisdom in pursuing our lives’ dreams with wisdom and resolve to be you no matter the demands on your life. At any point in life, it is important that you find the self-motivation tips to keep you going.

 Slow down to re-strategize, slow down to pick up the emotionally turned pieces, which has been masked up with all kinds of business activities, both healthy and unhealthy activities, just to keep the motion going. Just to wedge off people’s blames, suspicions, opinions, and judgment about you.

Remember, you can only achieve those dreams when you’re emotionally and physically, and spiritually healthy. It’s high time, we start filtering all these crazy beliefs that have disconnected us from meaningful relationships, purposeful living, and happiness. Be self-motivated!

Author: Adaure AJ.

5 thoughts on “Self Motivation Tips”

  1. Hello! I LOVE this post! This is just up my alley, as I am a person dedicated to the growth in myself and NOW to anyone who is ready to grow with me! 

    Motivation is key to doing anything and sometimes I admit that even without motivation, I find it in me to just DO something lol I am the type of girl who would rather do something and get it over with then have it look over my head too! 

    Thank you for the great article!

    1. Hi Brendaliz, thanks so much for stopping by my site, and for your candid comment.
      I’m glad to hear that you’re a pretty self-motivated person. Keep this positive energy, because, with it, you can always persevere.
      Thanks once again, and hope to read more comments from you.

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  3. Thanks again, Brendaliz, for your valuable comment. I believe that with your positive attitude and good work ethic that you will accomplish your dreams in life. Never lose your intrinsic motivation.

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