SFI Affiliate Program Review 2021

SFI Affiliate Program Review 2021

SFI is a company that claims you can make six figures online and become financially free by promoting their Triple-click Store products or building a customer team through their MLM opportunity. SFI Affiliate Program, founded by Gery Carson in 1998, is an MLM-based company with a US base that sells over 10,000 products worldwide.

I’ll be focusing on the SFI Affiliate Center and how it can help you make money.

Let’s now get on to the next part.

SFI has 3 ways you can make money.

1. SFI’s eCommerce Affiliate (ECA)

SFI offers many opportunities for members to make money online, and the ECA program is one.

What’s the ECA Program?

SFI ECA program is an affiliate marketing program for online store owners. It allows them to market their Triple Click store products and make money.

Clients who purchase products through the ECA affiliate link earn a 25% – 50% commission, depending on their affiliate status. This is for a lifetime. You still earn a commission even if your customer comes back five years later to buy the product.

As I have mentioned before, this method of making money through SFI is suitable for eCommerce store owners who wish to put some SFI products in their online shops.

TripleClicks products come with a catch: They are more expensive than Amazon and can sometimes be of poor quality.

Don’t get me wrong!! I’m not saying that to make you turn away from SFI. That’s the truth! Let’s check out an item in the camera and accessories section of the TripleClicks store.

A digital camera costs $125 on the TripleClicks shop. This is the only 914VP.

VersaPonits or VP is what will help you improve your SFI rank. The amount of money that you can make from SFI is directly dependent on it.

This isn’t a problem.

The next section will cover these VPs’ importance and why SFI added these points to their products.

2. Through Recruiting, You Can Build a Group.

As we have already discussed, affiliate marketing is a key part of the business model. If a company offers low-quality, high-priced, or unsatisfying products, it can be difficult to market and for the company itself to stand out from the rest.

If a product is truly exceptional, I believe it should be capable of standing on its own feet and tackling the marketplace. That’s right.

SFI’s multi-level sales system and affiliate marketing are both very common.

How does the SFI MLM work?

To build an MLM business, you have to recruit people and encourage them to hire others. It is impossible to make money in this business if you cannot recruit and duplicate the same system. Do not get me wrong; this is the truth of MLM business.

SFI is absolutely free. They claim that.

But are you able to make money in SFI even if you don’t spend any money?

SFI has stated that everyone can sign up and earn money. It is absolutely free! Yes, you can join for free.

It is not a business that can make you money without spending money. You will need to hold the Executive Affiliate (EA) rank to participate in their MLM Program. This is why you need 1500 VersaPoints every month.

In their launchpad training, they will show you how to earn VersaPoints from daily tasks. These tasks will provide you with 10VP each morning. That’s 300VP per calendar month.

To obtain the remaining 1200VP, you will need products that are 1200VP in quantity on the TripleClicks Store. You will soon see how much it costs for the 1200VP.

By setting up an auto-delivery item, you won’t need to log into your SFI office each day.

Guess what? The majority of the daily tasks that you must complete are purely sales funnel. The goal is to encourage you to spend money on their shop.

You’ll find sales pitches everywhere! This is what it looks like! But you do not have to pay anything for your membership. You can sign up right now!

Carson, who founded SFI, is an expert marketer. Marketing professionals know the importance of repetition and testimonials.

Each page will have testimonials. Although they don’t all succeed in SFI, these testimonials are good because they see success every day.

If you feel convinced and are ready to enroll in their MLM program, the following is the monthly cost to remain an Executive Affiliate.

For their MLM program to work, you will need to have at least 1500VP every month.

The TCredits 125 packs cost just $43.75, and the VP that comes with it is 1500VP.

Why are these items so different?

Why can’t you have 1500VP even though digital cameras cost more than 3x as much as the 125-pack TC?

SFI’s core products are the TCredit, PSA leads, S-Builder Cooperative Unit & Tcurrency. These are the products that make SFI profitable and help them reward their members. Strong Future International puts a strong emphasis on the marketing of these items. Members are encouraged to purchase these items over all other items.

3. Their PPA Program can help you make money

PPA (pay-per-action) is an online advertising pricing method that allows the advertiser to pay the affiliate for leads that perform the desired action.

Advertisers decide what the desired action will be in advance. This can include clicking on links or signing up for the newsletter. Affiliates are paid for every successful action. Wealthy Affiliate Review [2021]- Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

SFIPPA members can earn money by referring people. SFI claims that you could make up to $10 per qualified referral.  https://www.joinmysfiteam.com/21020486

That is when your referee is from the US/Canada and attains the rank as Team Leader within the first 90 days.

I did not specify the Team Leader rank that your referral might achieve to be qualified for this $10. SFI, however, has many Team leader ranks. It can be from Bronze Team Leader up to Diamond Team Lead.

For the Bronze Team Leader position, your referee must have at minimum 3000VP (1500VP for sales/purchase) plus 3 PSA.

You now know the many ways Strong Future International can make money. Let’s find out how you can make it more.

How Much Money Can You Make With SFI?

The SFI affiliate center review cannot guarantee that you can make $100 to $1000 per month. You can only make as much money as you can attract new people.

SFI claims that you can begin making money as soon as you join their program. However, you can also spend an entire year without earning a dime. And the belief that Strong Future International will bring you financial freedom is false.

SFI doesn’t sell any tangible products. There are many complaints against the SFI Affiliate Center on Glassdoor.

However, you can also find good reviews despite the negative reviews. BBB has even more information.

Is SFI a Scam or Legit?

Many people claim the SFI affiliate Center is a scam. SFI isn’t a scam because they offer products. It is also free, and you are not required to pay anything.

It is a legal program established in 1998. Their A+ rating is maintained even by Better Business Bureau. But, I emphasize that all things can be done inside. Only then will you invest your money.

You can’t guarantee you will make it big, as I experienced and shared with others. Strong Future International doesn’t offer value in return on member’s investment.

Instead, they emphasize marketing products with zero value, such as TCredits, PSAs, and CSAs.

SFI: Pros and Cons

The Pros:

  • It’s free to join, and you don’t need a credit card
  • They publish training materials.
  • SFI affiliate center has a proven track record.
  • They have several ways for members to make money online.

The Cons

  • Pay to play model – you will need to invest for you to take part in their MLM program.
  • Their products are too expensive.
  • I don’t see the value in a heavy emphasis on recruitment or its core products.
  • The SFI promotion is the basis of training. It does not make it easy for users to start an online business.


SFI affiliate program is a legit program that makes you money if you put in the effort and investment. However, do not expect it to lead you to financial freedom.

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  1. Thank you for your review about Strong Future International. I was impressed when I saw they had an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau. And was even more impressed with how long they have been in business. Multi level marketing is not my cup of tea. But I am glad that not all MLMs are bad.

    1. Ann, thanks for your comment. You’re right, SFI is rated very highly by BBB, and also can pride itself on its long-standing in business. 

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