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In one of my previous posts, I asked about how your year went. And I mentioned some of the most predictable ways positively/negatively the past year went for some of us.

And I observed that as the year 2021, was about to end, most people started having some heart palpitations due to anxiety and stress accumulated. This was because they were worried about their unfinished business. In some cases, someone was worried about the unstarted business.

Well, thank God it’s another new beginning! We’ve been all granted another opportunity to start over again, or to continue from where we stopped. Whichever be the case, I want to, first of all, say a big congratulations on your safe arrival into the New Year 2022!

How Are You Starting the Year?

I hope that for many of us we didn’t just roll into the new year, rather we matched into it? That means that we know where the old stopped and where the new begin, which also means that we know where we are going, what we want to do, and when to do it…

And let it not be a surprise to anyone, that there are some people who dosed off on their dreams and goals in 2021, only to find themselves woke up in 2022.

And they became angry, late, worried, and blamed others and said, “You saw me sleeping why didn’t you wake me up on time?” They said it as if they made you their alarm clock! (Lol)

To avoid the regrets, and blame games, and procrastinations most of us struggle to overcome, that’s why we want to have this conversation about the new beginning. So please, read this with an open mind.

Sometimes, we see people complicate some things. Mostly, our lives generally speaking. We play the fool and take decisions, steps, that complicate our lives in ways that rob us of the joy, peace, and energy from our days. Let that not happen to you this new year.

Stepping Out of The Past Hole

Hello! The new year is here! Are you ready, are you prepared to walk in it, not in a drowsy mood? Not with a confused and unfocused outlook? Are you in a deep hole, maybe due to some unsettled issues of the past?

Are you willing to tweak certain things to allow things that need to shift to be shifted? Do you see the need may be an urgent need for that matter, to get out of the past hole?

Oftentimes, when we get fed up with our current situation, then we see the need for change, for letting go of the past and starting over.

By stepping out of last year’s fears, setbacks, stagnation, delays, frustrations, unmet goals, we lose our minds and energy flow to create a new solid beginning, based on a new experience, learned lessons, hope and determination to do our best.

How Do You Start Over?

You start over by knowing exactly what you want, and what to do to achieve it. Clear your mind of the residues of or leftover anger, frustrations, regrets, fears, and other negative thoughts. Keep such behind you, and decide to move on.

If you have matched over to the New Year, see yourself as a “New You.” Drop off old habits, associations, examine the loss and profits of your past associations, and apply understanding to make amends, to find out which things, relationships are sources of chronic stress in your life.

If it is possible fix what is fixable on time, and avoid what is avoidable. By doing so, you will be able to eliminate and substitute what gives less or no value to your overall wellbeing. Most importantly, as far as I’m concerned, is your ability to know yourself, be safely aware intentionally.

It is ironic how many of us crave to travel the world and even to go to space, yet we have no desire to travel inside us to find out who we really are. Our ability to master ourselves will offer us the capacity to experience anything we’re meant to have.

That’s why we have to pay attention to the key areas of our lives this year if we really want to experience some meaningful change and progress.

Things Not to Ignore

We all want to make progress, change the world, but very few come close to reality. The reason is that there are several factors that determine our capacity in life:

Here are some factors to consider: our mindset, supportive family and good friends, our emotional intelligence, energy, and understanding of who we are, about others, about God, and about life, to mention just a few. Above all, pay attention to your wellbeing, by living a flourishing life.

Remember that your health is your wealth. It is your capital. Therefore, use it wisely.  Maintain a good energy level using whatever works best for you. With age, our energy contracts. I know firsthand, how hard it is for me to get going when my energy is very low, due to some negligence of my obligation to rejuvenate.

It is our responsibility to ensure that our needs are met in such a way that enables us to thrive so that we can pursue our goals effectively.  Unfortunately, we neglect taking care of ourselves while busying around. As you are starting over with the aim for change for a better you, learn new ways to care for yourself first. It is not being selfish it is being wise, or thoughtful.

 Our lives start to change from the inside out. How we feel inside matters a lot, inside us, and inside our homes. Let it be that part of your strategy for getting out of the past hole includes challenging some false assumptions and illusions that prevent real growth.

Sometimes, our illusions lead us to hold false ideas, and wrong interpretations of what the real problems are in our lives, relationships, business, careers, etc.  This happens more in relationships between spouses, or friends,

It is one of the great opportunities many of us miss in our journey when we ignore the moments that send us invitations to walk in new ways.

It is not hard to sleepwalk through this life.  And it is also easy to walk or remain on the old pattern of the past repeating the mistakes of the past because of the illusion stronghold and same mindset.


If in any case as you read this article, life may have you in any kind of hole, due to your own mistakes, choices, or perhaps someone else pushed you in or maybe it just happened without any warning. You don’t need to remain there. This new beginning is an answered prayer to get yourself out of whatever hole you’re in.

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2 thoughts on “Start A New Beginning”

  1. Hi. This post really touch me… I have been there… I left my old life and started a new one. The hard part was letting the old go. It really took the time and energy. In my opinion starting the new one was the easier part, not easy but easier than letting go with old one. But you give really wise words there. I really wish all the best for all people reading this and if you are in place where you don’t know where and how to go… Be strong and the sun will shine again!

    1. Hi markus, thank you so much for your wonderful comment on this post. I’m glad that you overcame your past to grab your present/future! It’s not as easy as we make it seem. But it is always the beginning of transformation; failing forward instead of backward.

      Have a blessed new

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