Steps to Creating a Lasting Change In Your Life

Steps to Creating a Lasting Change in Your Life

Time is precious and cannot be redeemed so it is important to make the best of it. Recent happenings in society have put fear in people making them to be cautious and afraid of living the life they desire. Remember that every moment is precious; so live each one to the fullest and works towards creating a lasting change in your life. 

I have been able to focus on growth for myself with the belief that I can make myself a better person at all times. This gives me the inspiration that I can make myself whatever I desire. 

My personal experience since graduation has made me see the need to look inwards and work to be a better person.

You too can make up your mind and take that step which you need to achieve that goal in your life.

Once you can identify what is lacking in your life or what you want to have, then you are already on your way to achieving your goals. It may be behavior or tendency that you will like to do away with or a height you wish to attain.

Having the right understanding will help you focus on the steps you need to take towards achieving that goal. 

Another important thing is appreciating who you are. No one can accept your shortcomings better than you. And no one can help you achieve what you want without the push from you.

This post will guide you on steps that will help you achieve positive change in your life.

Steps for a Successful Change 

  • Carry out a self-assessment of who you are and where you are at the moment.Take note of what you like about yourself and what you will like to see changed.
  • Accept yourself for who you are. Appreciate the life you live and love yourself regardless of what your inadequacies are.
  • Accept responsibility for your actions and have the honest desire to put things right in your life.
  • Identify the things you wish to change. Be specific about what you will like to improve about yourself. Are you displaying any negative behaviors or actions that are hurting you?

What will be a better option in the situation you find yourself in? Enumerate each step that will lead to the desired change. Make an agreement with yourself, in whatever form that will be most helpful, so you will make a deliberate effort to succeed. Taking Action And Change Your Life

Set personal goals and have timelines to achieve them. Each time you set a goal and achieve it, you need to acknowledge and appreciate it. The effort you put in it and the progress so far is all worth appreciating and you will desire to even achieve more.

To a certain extent, make the change process worthwhile. You can write down your goals, small or large, and tick them off as you achieve them.

Honor your commitment every day. Be aware of the changes that you are making. Be consistent with your goals and do the things you need to be successful.

Show compassion for yourself, but be persistent as some goals may take a longer time to achieve. It takes as long as thirty days to change a habit. Be patient and be kind to yourself as you wait for your efforts to yield good results.

Appreciate your hard work and sincerity towards the tasks you have outlined. You can love yourself every day to make sure you feel worthy of the change.

Take some time to reflect and assess your progress. You can revise your goals and any other parts of this protocol as much as necessary. Take what you have learned and apply it to every aspect of your life.

I still work with this system and it keeps adding value to me. I use it to bring about any change that I desire in my life.

Becoming an Achiever

These are some tips that can help you live the life of an achiever. Sometimes, it is difficult to take positive steps in your life. Whenever you get to a point that leads to high achievement, you may get scared and feel like quitting.

It’s much easier to just live a comfortable life without much growth, challenges and achievements.

But you can take these steps to add some value to your activities and make your life more interesting and meaningful.

1. Let the change begin from within you. Every change begins from the inside out, by making the decision to change, followed up with action steps.

Each of us can make real changes within ourselves. Begin with your inner self as you try to overcome self-limiting beliefs and personal struggles that hinder your progress. It is worth taking some time to reflect on where you are now and where you will like to be.

You need to address that inner voice that makes you afraid of moving outside your comfort zone.

2. Be Honest

This virtue is necessary as you take steps to transform your life. Honesty is the first step that will help you achieve inner transformation. It is easy to lie, especially to ourselves.

Real change begins with being honest about what fears hold you back and what obstacles prevent you from moving forward. 

You can make real changes if you are open and honest. There will be setbacks as you try to make progress. Being honest helps you to expose what is not going on well.

3. Take a step at a time

Keep your focus so that you can move one step at a time. You can easily lose sight of the bigger picture and also miss all that must be done to make the desired change happen.

If you want to lose that unattractive fat for a new and better look, it may seem daunting to lose 50 pounds. But that is just as much as you must get rid of, to get that look you really desire.

Focus on the next steps you have to take so that you can make lasting changes. These next steps are more relevant to achieving your goal and not the bigger picture. Make small goals you can work towards every day.

1. Habits die hard

When you take the steps you take for success in a routine, they gradually become a part of you. You can make lasting changes if you focus on building the right habits. These are lifestyle changes that last even after your initial success.

It is important to incorporate the changes that you desire into your daily life. Focus on how you think about what you want to change. This will direct the actions you take towards effecting the change.

2. Be accountable.

Sometimes, being accountable can be daunting and even embarrassing. But if you have the right support, it will make a lot of difference. 

It doesn’t matter how much you want to do this on your own; it is important to have someone to be honest with, who holds your hand when you fall.

You can have family, friends or a support group. But, you must be accountable and not give in to excuses.


Making changes in your life can feel like a difficult task. But when you succeed, the euphoria can feel so amazing. It feels just like a dream come true or living a fantasy in reality. 

I don’t know how your dream life looks like. It is my belief that you can do something about it. Your dream can become a reality if you make lasting changes in your life. Constantly reflecting and following the steps in this post will help you achieve the life that you so desire and deserve.

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