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Taking action is considered the key element for any kind of success in life. Taking action implies taking steps, making a move, responding to acting towards a goal…

Maritain Webster Dictionary: “the accomplishment of a thing usually over a period of time, in stages, or with the possibility of repetition.

We all take some actions consciously or consciously. We take action to do something or not to do anything. Either way, it is still an action.

Taking action is synonymous with functioning. For where there is no action taking there will be no activities, and where there are no activities, there will be no results or progress. For instance, we take action to pay bills on time, to return phone calls and reply to emails, to delete flooded spams or junks from our devices, for space and battery life. We take action to do our laundry or to take it to dry cleaner, we take action to schedule for annual physicals, vision, and dental visits, and the list goes on. These are just a few examples. the fact is without taking any bold action to do something whether small or great there will be no result or achievement.

Without taking decisive actions, none of these tasks will be done by wishful thinking and planning. Which means that it takes action to achieve results good or bad at any point in life. Action taking is the force of progress. It is the only action that gets things done. For instance, if the government does not take decisive actions to contain the Coronavirus, what do you think will be the result?. In times of emergency or immediate and decisive actions are required from the government as well as individuals. Because of the importance of action taken that is why action committees are appointed some times for some situations, and not talking committees. In this way as individuals, we need action to stimulate our lives, we need action to limit our limitations in every area.

The wishful people know how to wish for everything, but lack the will, the courage, and motivation to take bold actions to achieve their wishes. Such people will tell you that they wish to start their own business, to buy their own house, or car, to complete their degree, or to start school or get any kind of informal training but never step up to do their wishful list. Why the inaction? Let us briefly mention some of them here.

4 Reasons For Not Taking Action

Reason 1The thought and feeling of inadequacy

that’s the kind of feelings and defeating thoughts some people struggle with. It is a kind of feeling and thinking pattern that only shows a person his or her weaknesses, but hides the person’s strengths from  him/her. It  is a negative self-talking that tells the person to forget whatever dreams or goals because he/she doesn’t qualify, or have the skills, talents, and the right bakground to go for what the person’s mind is aspiring for. But through the right kind of  motivation, the person can counter the negative defeating feelings and thoughts, and then begin to take bold actions to puruse his dreams.  

Reason 2.   Age/Gender  

Some people use their age as an excuse for not taking action to change their life or go after their life dreams or to deal with some bad habits taking hold of their progress. While others can use their gender as an excuse not to advance their career or go for what their mind is telling them could be possible and worth trying.

For instance, a young boy or girl in their 20s can convince himself or herself that it is too early to start a business or to save. They say that there is still plenty of time left therefore, they begin to loiter their time. If only they read and hear the biographies of young men and women in their 20s and 30s that became successful millionaires. By taking bold actions for their life dreams. By not loitering away time.  A similar excuse is being made by some midlifers. While the young feel that they have much time to play around, the old feel that they have no time left for pursuing anything of significance, even when they have what it takes. For lack of motivation, they give up their dreams… Whereas there are numerous testimonies of old men and women in their 60s and 70s who are still ambitious, and motivated to do exploits in every field of their interests.

Reason 2:  Lack of Vision /motivation

How many people today are groaning in pains of regrets for the early opportunities missed? Some people missed a lot of good business opportunities, introduced to them by their friends or family members, especially, online business opportunities. They saw no need, or interest to try something new. I believe that there are many who are regretting today for the missed opportunities due to their inactions, it could be for not joining online business about 5, 10 years ago when they had the opportunity but didn’t, but today, seeing and reading the success stories of some of their friends, they’re are saying are regretting with had I known, I should have.

Remember that 10 years ago, the online business was not as saturated as it is today. And so many other opportunities, many people have missed due to lack of vision and motivation to take action and try something new. But here is the good news, today you have another wave of opportunities, waving at you, great affiliate opportunities like the Wealthy Affiliate free programs……..link to start today. Take action to change any area of your life that needs change.

 3.     Lack of Finance/Help

This is another good excuse people are giving for not pursuing their dreams. They will tell you, it takes money to start a business, and if I don’t have it, what can I do? And that is their good enough excuse and the end of their effort. They forgot, that having good credit, can qualify you for a small loan, or that that building good relationships, can help you to borrow from friends and family members. That did some research on how to raise start-up capital can give you an idea of how to raise money. Take action, no excuse is good enough for one to burry his or her future and remain in modesty.

It is my goal to motivate you to start taking small actions each day towards any goal you have for your life. Something you are sure will move your life forward to a greater purpose.

See each day you are alive as a fresh opportunity to get something done. Something that will result in getting you closer to your goal for life whatever that is.

Taking action is a very simple topic to understand, but hard to put to action. It is being said that action speaks louder than voice. But often time, words are louder than actions, just as some people will say that words are cheap meaning that actions are expensive, because that’s where the value and result are.

My encouragement for you today is to take action for your physical life, your financial life, as well as your spiritual life, and you will be living your dream soon!

I think that everyone wants to get somewhere in life, some already know where they are going but hesitant to take the first steps for the journey, while some have no clue of where they are going but they know that they need to go somewhere, but has no idea of how to get to where they are aspiring to be. Instead, they want to remain within their familiar territory than to risk anything.

Maybe because they are feeling overwhelmed with all kinds of thoughts and feelings which seemed to have demobilized them from moving forward. Well, there’s hope for you if you just determine to take bold actions for change today! you have what it takes to shake off any shackle holding you back against your wish for financial, emotional, and spiritual freedom. The actions you take and when you take them will determine your arrival time to your desired destination. Take action towards your total freedom today!

4 thoughts on “Take Actions For Change”

  1. Hi Sarah,

    I found this post very inspirational. It reaches out to those who have a feeling of being a victim of circumstances. One by one you exposed possible excuses fir what they are. Reasons for laying the cause for ones predicament elsewhere rather than taking responsibility.

    Once an individual is willing to see that the reasons for not taking action can be overcome, only then can they move forward.

    A good book that individuals who think like this should read is Thin and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It was written about 100 years ago and the lessons taught are relevant today. I found it amazing that your post reflected many of the lessons taught in this book.

    I wish you much success in helping others succeed in life using your unique style.


  2. Hi Edwin, I found your comment so invaluable and encouraging! I appreciate your real candid input and by recommending this particular book – the Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

    I’m going to check it out.
    You know one thing I have discovered, is that truth is ageless. No matter how each generation or an individual tries to bend the truth, it will eventually still strengthen out itself. Some these days want to get rich quick with little or no responsibility – no actions. While some are good in inventing excuses that are keeping them from making use of their potentials.

    Once again, thanks for your rich comment.
    Please visit again Ed!

  3. Andrea Rabadan

    I really enjoyed reading about your “take actions for change.” You make a lot of great points that may be holding people back- you mention, financially, age/gender, lack of motivation. And honestly none of that should matter, one should always follow their dreams regardless of any of the circumstances, once you go for what you want everything should just fall into place. My parents have always taught me to take every opportunity that comes up because you never know when you will have that same opportunity again. This was eye opening because I feel that the younger generations need to get some motivation and hear it from someone else that they are capable of doing anything they want, but some are lazy or as you mentioned “weak.” and I feel like sometimes people just need a little push. Great advice!

    1. Andrea, thanks so much for your invaluable input! You’re absolutely right, none of the excuses
      people make counts, especially some teenagers. With all the opportunities and resources they have at their disposal
      in this great country, making excuses and wasting their lives in things that have no value which is regrettable.
      The problem of one achieving his or her dreams young or old is just lack of motivation to take consistent actions regardless of how small it seems. Nike’s Moto says “JUST DO IT”. So I challenge people whether old or young if you’ve got a dream go for it Just DO IT!
      Once again, thanks for your great input to my post.
      See you again.

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