Taking Action And Change Your Life

An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.
~ Arnold Glasow

The call to take action for change is a call everyone has to respond to. It is a call to lead us towards living a meaningful life. A life that is marked with action taking is a productive life. Everybody has a dream but is not everybody that knows how to take action to achieve the dream. For instance, it is one thing to learn something, yet another thing to apply the gained knowledge. Our ability to take action towards a given goal will determine how far we can go.

As a parent, we attempt to wake up our children’s consciousness towards improving their habits. For some of them, it could be a bad habit of watching much television while their school work is lagging. While to some it could be sloppiness, it could be sleep beyond the waking hours, procrastination, making excuses, being stubborn, and refusing to take advice, and the list goes on for some teenagers.

And the best the parents of such children can/could do is to encourage, scold, criticize, motivate, yell, scream, or withhold some privileges. But for any of the actions the parent takes, what it is aiming at is calling the child to take actions for change of attitude, to be responsible, to relearn, and for the child to learn how to do things differently in order to make progress.

Making Progress In Life Requires Taking Consistent Action

Today, what actions are you taking to steer your life in the right direction? What are the daily actions you are taking to improve on your relationships, which are part of the fundamental aspects of your success in life? What are the actions you’re taking to improve your business growth? Have you started your own business or you’re searching online to start one? Today is the right time for you to take concrete action.

Decide to choose one among the many company reviews you have read. If not, you can read thousands of excellent reviews, research great companies, and products, but without taking the next action to make the choice, to commit and start building the business; all other efforts get lost because there was no action to move further.

Likewise, what actions are you taking for your personal development? And which area do you think you need some changes too? Your work habit, diet, exercise, finance management, time management. There is a lot we can do each day to improve our lives.

Taking The Right Action Before It Is Too Late Leads To Progress

As you can see from Since the beginning of 2020, life is no longer normal. It’s no more business as usual. A lot of things are changing, and the changes will continue. In other, for us to keep thriving in what we do, we need to embrace change. We need to think outside the box. I humbly suggest that we need to expand and stretching our minds for something newer, bigger, and richer. Whatever you take that to be for you. We need to be asking what time is it kind of question. Remember the cliche, time waste for nobody.

I believe that to be true. We need to work when there is time, energy, peace, good health, money, and so forth. Because we can do much when any of these are lacking. Mostly as we become old. Because the time is moving fast, meaning that things are changing so fast, including the business world, be it the traditional business or the digital business – online business.

I know many of us who are regretting today why we did not join the only opportunities offered to us 5 – 10 years ago when we see and hear the tremendous success those who seized the opportunities have made.

Let me share this great quote by Winston Churchill with you, ” there comes a special moment in everyone’s life, a moment for which that person was born. That special opportunity; when he seizes it until fulfilling his mission – a mission for which he is uniquely qualified. At that moment, he finds greatness. It is his finest hour.” I hope you will get the value of this quote.

You Can Begin To Wake Up Your Buried Dreams

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
~ Lao Tzu

As you’ve seen, times are changing. That means that we have to wake up from our slumbering. That means that nothing is taken for granted any longer. Be it your present job, career, belief, relationships. Start re-investing in yourself, to have a backup plan, a wall to fall back upon if the worse comes to be.

Do you have a dream of becoming an entrepreneur, You can do that, and now might be the best time. Don’t dismiss your dreams as some do and feel relaxed waiting for a perfect time. Start dreaming of things that have not been. Start generating ideas, have a second option for you and your family. Times are changing. https://startupbros.com/overthinkers-guide-taking-action-complete-guide/

Take One Step Forward

The starting point for any big adventure in life started with taking the first step of action. The great success stories we read and hear about started with taking a step towards the dreams in the mind. Once you determine to take action towards any goal, you’re going to make fast progress faster than you can imagine. As you can see now, the year just started we’re already in the 3rd month.

And the year 2020 will not come back again! By tomorrow, depending on your time zone, we shall enter the 10th of March 2021. What’s the point? The point here is to highlight the fact that things are moving fast, the year 2021 has taken off at full speed and it will not slow down to wait for anyone who is not prepared to move with it.

You taking action for change can start with this month, and it can start now. If you do, God willing, you will be marveled at the dramatic changes you will experience just by taking action towards your dreams.

Don’t Wait For The Perfect Weather

The successful person makes a habit of doing what the failing person doesn't like to do.
~ Thomas Alva Edison

Many success stories and biographies I have read point to the fact that many who succeed in life most got off to a poor start. Many of them passed through many heartbreaking obstacles, struggles before they made it through perseverance. In most cases, men and women who have succeeded, still recall the turning point in their lives or families a moment of crisis, through which they come to a crossroad in their lives and through which point they have to take the drastic decision of forward ever and backward never so to say.

We have often heard that there is always a valuable lesson to learn in negative circumstances. Anybody can wish for anything. Receiving what one is wishing starts from a commitment to go get it.

No one should feel satisfied to stop at discussing his or her dreams, researching opportunities online or books, going to business seminars, desiring and wishing that his or her financial or emotional situations change, taking no action. One thing I’m observing from the online communities, or groups is that action-oriented individuals, don’t talk too much, and there are not seen everywhere, because they are busy working on their dreams, pushing their goals every time.

It is the actions we take towards the dreams we have, that unifies our dreams and visions to achieve the results we have. As you may know, a life of success is a life of actions, never allow a dull moment. You can learn how to take action to achieve your dreams. You can do it!

I’m encouraging you, urging you, cheering you up, to start today to take action towards change in your life and family. And you will never remain the same. Little baby step each day is leading you to a greater life adventure. Take the step and be courageous!

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  1. I have browsed through your website in the more that I browse the website the more I love it. I love the amount of inspiration and motivation that you bring into the life of people. I definitely agree that taking action is one of the best in one of the first steps to take to change in your life and in the situation we are basically talking about proactivity. I appreciate your article in all the information that you have provided

    1. Misael, thank you so much for your very kind comment. I highly appreciate you. Your feedback is my motivation.

      Please, visit regularly, and share the site with anyone who may be inspired by it. 

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