The Journey Of Faith

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–Don M. Green, Executive Director Napoleon Hill Foundation, once said this, ” Faith in yourself is a necessary giant leap if you expect to travel the success journey. Belief is a component that is an absolute need if maximum positive results are obtained. The statement, “I will believe it when I see it” should be, “I will see it when I believe it.” A belief in what you are doing is of extreme importance. I believe this. If we can grasp the weight of the meaning, we will never work by sight again.

Have Faith In You

Life is like a journey. You never know what to expect, when to arrive at your expected end. For us to travel without fear, doubt, and unnecessary hassles, we need faith. We need faith in the dreams we have for our lives and faith that we can do them and achieve a good result in the end.

What Faith Implies

Faith means a person’s ability to believe that you have what your mind is set to achieve before you have it. It is like declaring a victory before even starting the battle. Walking with the eyes of faith you can see the victory ahead. Faith is subjecting the enemy, the hindrances, blockades, limitations, and oppositions to defeat before they get their stronghold on you. Faith is a mindset. It is a belief anchored on the assurance of one’s belief. For a believer in God, your faith in God’s power and sovereignty can take you through life victoriously. That was how men and women of old did exploits as a result of their faith.

Faith Produces Success

In most cases, our success is limited only by our faith. Do we have strong or weak faith? Do we believe in what we are doing at the moment will succeed? or are we just going through the motions? Are we doing trial and error kind of business? Without faith for success, it will be hard to work well to achieve it. Many people who fail in any area of their endeavor fail when they lose hope. Just like everyday life, many people start slipping down the slope of depression as they begin to see, feel, think, and talk negatively about themselves and others. Why We Need Hope

Losing faith in your ability to live a successful life, will lead to all kinds of regression. But with faith, you can visualize the future you want before entering into it. That’s how faith operates. It calls things that are invisible to be visible. It sees things that are not as though they are. It is important for us to cultivate a life of faith as we go through life and build our businesses.

My Encouragement

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Faith goes with discipline, with hope, and with enthusiasm. Make it a part of your important determination to live a life of success. A life of victory over failure, over negative addictions, obstacles, and over near success syndrome. Walk by faith, chose to, connect with people who will charge your faith. Speak the word of faith to your goals, circumstances, and future, and see your spirit being energized with peace of mind and strength. Have Faith. We are compassed about with all kinds of discouraging noises, distractions, negativity, uncertainties, but guess what it is in the midst of all these that faith emerges and stood tall above all opposing forces. Let me equally make this point clear, when I speak of success, I don’t usually limit it to making money, being financially wealthy, as important and glamorous as that is; money is not all there is to be seen as a success has other aspects. True success will grant a sense of inner peace and high self-worth. Where are you in your journey? Are you walking by faith? That’s is required however

2 thoughts on “The Journey Of Faith”

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing article, it’s really a great one filled with words that are blessed and I’ve really gained a lot from it. It true that it is by faith that impossibilities come to be possible and we need faith to get through life matters. I’ll share this article around and I know people are gonna be blessed.

    1. Hanness, thanks so much for your kind comment and valuable input, which reminds us that faith makes impossibilities possible. Without faith, even our belief in God makes no sense. So faith is very crucial for us to develop, by believing that we got what it takes to fulfil our dreams and God’s purpose for our lives. We have to believe first then we see, and not to see before we believe. Because with the eyes and ears of faith we hear and see things differently, regardless…

      Once again, thanks for your comment and kindness to share with others, highly appreciate that!


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