The Most Current Coop 5050 Review

The Most Current Coop 5050 Review

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You are here because you have been introduced to Coop 5050 crowdfunding, also known as


Before I dive fully into the Coop Crowd review, allow me to first congratulate you on taking the

time and researching before joining this program.

This will save you both time and money. It can also help you find legit ways to make money


Company Overview:

Company Name: Coop 5050, also known as Coop Crowd


Owner: David T. Rosen

Price: Join for $25-$4000, with an $84 activation charge and a $12.99 yearly payment.

What is Coop 5050 Crowdfunding?

According to its claims, it’s a legitimate crowdfunding platform that allows people to support

other people’s causes as well as get help for their own causes.

They claim their system is transparent and fully automated.

Coop 5050 is a cash-gifting scheme and a pyramid scheme. It’s a peer-to-peer cash donation

system that is 2 x 2. The owner claims that 100% of all donations go to the participants.

You receive 50% of the Coop 5050 Crowdfunding platform and 50% to your teammate.

Is it possible to see how the platform owner makes his money? Are you curious about how they

pay their maintenance fees?

This is a pyramid scheme that earns profits for the owner, his own family, and those who joined

them before its launch.

How does Coop Crowd Work?

Here’s how it works:

Create your account by using the Affiliate link from the person who invited you.

Start by donating money for the person who invited you.

Refer people who are willing to donate the same.

They must also create their own gifting group and invite others to contribute to them to make it a


Referring others to the program and helping them build their teams will help you grow your own

team, which can lead to other income streams.

Coop 5050, also known as CoopLife, is a 2×2 cash gifting program.

This means that you will need to bring two people along after you have invested your funds.

David T. Rosen, Coop 5050’s owner

David T. Rosen was the founder of Coop 5050. He describes himself as an Entrepreneur Mentor

and Philanthropist.

I’m not sure if the creation of cash gifting schemes gives him the right to claim that he is a


However, this CoopLife review is not about that.

Rosen claims that he created CoopCrowd 2020, which is a similar company. This program has

made a significant impact on many people’s lives.

Although I’m not sure if it is true, let me tell you that this was a 3×2 scheme for cash gifts that

were different than the one I’m currently reviewing.

And I’m curious if this claim is true.

CoopCrowd was successful and lives were changed, so why not create another similar program?

Why not start over with a brand new program?

When you think about that, I believe what I stated earlier in the Coop 5050 crowdfunding review

is true. The program only benefits the owner and those who joined before it was launched.

My search continues and I find out that he was the owner of PIE 24/7, a pyramid scheme that

collapsed in 2016 early.

Is Coop 5050 Able to Market Products and Make Money?

Coop 5050 does not sell any retail products or services. It offers memberships to other users.

All members must pay their membership fees.

You get 50% of the investment if you refer someone to the system.

What is the Minimum Cost to Get Started with Coop 5050

This section of this review will let you know what you need to do to get started with the


The cost of a membership package ranges between $25 and $4000.

Each year, a 12.99$ license fee is required for each membership package.

An activation fee of $84 is also required.

This means that if you wish to join Coop 5050/CoopLife, the package cost will be

$12.99+$84+$20. This totals $116.99.

Coop 5050 Compensation Plan

Coop 5050, also known as CoopLife, is a 2×2 matrix that pays up to 6 levels.

Sign up and bring two people. They are also required to invite two qualified referrals. Referrals

must get at least 2 active referrals each, and so on up to six levels.

After six positions are filled in a matrix, the position is removed and a new matrix is created on

the same level.

Here’s a breakdown of CoopLife, also known as the Coop5050 compensation plan.

$25 matrix – Gift $25 and get $75 in gifting payments

$50 matrix – Gift $50 and get $150 in gifting payments

$150 matrix – Gift $150 and get $450 in gifting payments

$250 matrix – Gift $250 and get $750 in gifting payments

500 matrix – Gift $500 to receive $1,500 gifting payments

$1000 matrix – Gift $1000 and receive $3,000 gifting payments

2000 matrix – Gift $2000 in and get $6,000 in gifting payments

$4000 matrix – Gift $4000 and receive $12,000 gifting payments

Is Coop5050 a Scam Program?

It cannot be tagged as a scam because everyone has their own definitions of scam.

Some people consider a company a legitimate company once they are able to make money.

It doesn’t matter if the company follows all laws and regulations. It doesn’t matter if the company

is a pyramid scheme, Ponzi, or not. They get paid. Wealthy Affiliate Review [2021]- Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

However, if the scam is more serious than that of not following laws and regulations, some

people could see Coop 5050 as a scam. This is because they view it as a cash-gifting scheme and

a pyramid scheme with no value for customers.

For the sole purpose of qualifying for gifting payments from those who follow them, new

participants can gift funds to 50/50 Crowdfunding associates.

Some people might consider Coop 5050 a scam for the following reasons:

 Coop 5050/CoopLife does not offer any products or services to its customers. It is

therefore not an MLM company.

 It is not a crowdfunding platform. Members donate in exchange for donations from others

who will follow them.

 Federal Trade Commission (FTC) states that any business or program that makes a profit

by recruiting rather than selling a product/service is illegal.

Coop 5050: Pros and Cons

The Pros:

 The owner is well-known.

 Unique and generous compensation plans

 Potential to make money if your recruits are successful

The Cons:

 Crowdfunding disguises a pyramid scheme

 It is a trap to take advantage of the generous compensation plan.

 This is not the best way to create a long-term online business.

 If you are unable to recruit, your entire investment could be lost.


If you are interested in exploring a cash-gifting system to gain financial freedom, Coop 5050 is a

good fit. Do you want to give it a try today? If

2 thoughts on “The Most Current Coop 5050 Review”

  1. The risk of loosing funds with a program associated with crowd funding is high. Although very unfortunate many people fall victim, but I see it as greed. A lot of folks think residual income is making money doing nothing. This is a wrong mindset and it leads to high loose of funds. There are a lot of business that brings residual income like affiliate marketing, selling digital products and lots more 

    1. Parameter, thank you for your comment on this review. You’re right, by saying that the chances of losing one’s contribution with these kinds of programs are high. However, there are few exceptions.  I think that a few of them with honest intentions and how have learned the logistics of the program and invested in complete automation will protect against such losses. 

      Another thing we have to adopt as business owners, or aspiring business owners is to have an open mind for new opportunities while doing our thorough research, and eventually, if we want to give it a try, we go in cautiously by starting either with a free offer if available or with the low level and see if the pudding taste is there. 

      I’m personally, one of the most skeptical persons when it comes to online programs and activities. Therefore, I appreciate your points. The essence of the review is to present the facts for any product or service, to the audience and allow them to use their best judgments.

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