The Need for Self-Development

The Need for Self-Development

I believe that every normal person wants better life, better personality. I personally delight myself in anything that improves a person’s life. That’s why I write about Personal development. Self-development has to do with self-growth, developing good habits, and doing away  with bad habits, and improving the overall quality of your life. Self-improvement is accepting yourself as you are and then striving to constantly improving yourself to become your best self.

Taking Necessary Steps Towards Self  Growth

Often time we experience one of the African Proverb that says “what hinders farm work is in the house.”

That is to say that there are some inhibitive habits that hinders our effectiveness, our development in the right direction. There are many people who are bound by negative emotions. And some of these negative emotions can be so limiting, so isolating, and so defeating that if one fails to realize and resist it, the effect for one’s growth will be hindered in different areas. Cultivating habits,

Lack of Self Confidence

The feeling of inadequacy can be a hindering force;  In my opinion for anyone to pursue his or her life dreams. Not having trust in your potential, your ability, to do certain things or succeed in what you are doing at the moment just because you’re not just happy with who you are, what you have, what you do.  Having a lack of confidence makes you feel less valuable and insecure.

 This is more felt about women. As women, we are uniquely equipped and we should celebrate our uniqueness. Being confident of who we are. Whereas a confident person is a positive person, a person who believes in his or her ability to do well in life.

Furthermore, you have to know is that none of us have it all. Every human being has areas he or she is lacking. No one is perfect. We all have our weaknesses and strength. So, allow yourself to make mistakes, to feel weak, or whatever feeling or experience you’re going through without losing hope in your ability to handle it.

Discover your Life Purpose

To discover your life purpose is like discovering a hidden treasure. This is because your life purpose is greater than you. Our life purpose is tied with God the creator of all things if we believe that. Most brilliant philosophers have speculated, and asked a million-dollar question,  what is the purpose of life? THE NEED FOR SELF-AWARENESS

Upon all the answers, one philosopher stated it in this way, “focusing on ourselves will not reveal our life purpose for us.” Another thinker put it this way “You were made by God, for God, and until you understand that life will never make sense.” Just think about the two statements, and consider them in light of how you live and what you consider your life purpose to be. Discovering our purpose, make the life journey to be less stressful, less dangerous, and more rewarding and fulfilling.

Work to Resist Bad Habits

Bad habits develop gradually, don’t allow them to take a tap root. Nip it on the bud. For instance, bad habits such as smoking, gambling, drinking, overeating, extravagancy, lateness, etc. you have to work hard to improve upon; in other not allow any bad habit to hinder or slow you down from achieving your dream.

Alternatively, while dropping the old or negative habits, replace them with a good habit. For instance, eat moderately, instead of overeating, and eat home-prepared meals instead of regular foods. Instead of going late to work, school, or meetings, learn to rise early from sleep, by skipping late movie watch or keeping late at night wasting your sleep hours.

Pay Attention to Spiritual Practice

I know many of us don’t feel like discussing our spirituality openly. We want to keep it as private as we can. For some, they will boldly tell you that they are not religious. Well, it is always a good habit and part of your self-development to be part of something bigger than you. To know your root spiritually. If you want to draw inner peace and purpose, you must embrace and grow in your spiritual life. Practice if you are a believer, you need to pray, worship, meditate, reflect, research, and read the scriptures. This is so important.

Become more aware of the presence of God in your everyday activities and interactions with other people. Follow the spiritual part, the Godly way, and you will never get lost. Identify God’s gift for you, the gift is given to you to bless others with. In conclusion, the need for self-development is a call for action. Act regularly by taking action to learn some new skills that will enhance your overall confidence. Work on your emotions, your thought pattern. The truth is that there is always room to self-improve. Strive to be your best!

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