Traffic Think Tank Review: Is It Legit?

Traffic Think Tank Review: Is It Legit?

If you are a beginner at SEO, or even if you’re a seven-figure SEO pro, Traffic Think Tank can help you grow your online business. It offers personalized training based on your specific needs and access to exclusive resources. 

It’s a community with a mastermind of ambitious SEOs, and you can join if you’re serious about improving your online marketing strategy. 

You can filter the training material according to your level. In addition to the lessons, you can access cheat sheets, process docs, SOPs, and more. The community is constantly growing, so you can find more valuable and up-to-date content each week.

Like an AA for online marketers, the Traffic Think Tank community offers members answers to their questions and problems and advice from other successful marketers. 

The program’s founder, Matthew Barby, is a former VP at HubSpot who helped build their organic traffic team. You’ll learn about his lessons during his time in the SEO industry. Moreover, this community is now a $1M-per-revenue (ARR) company with thousands of members. 

Traffic Think Tank Overview

Name: Traffic Think Tank

Official Website:

Owner: Nick Eubanks, Ian Howells, and Matthew Barby

Price: $119 per month or $1,190 annually

Type: SEO fundamentals and applications

Best For: Anyone who wants to improve their business using SEO

Traffic Think Tank Pros

  • Members get juicy information and insights from these pros that can help them improve their websites.
  • You can filter content by topic or skill level to find the proper training.
  • You can learn more about specific keywords and strategies targeting your audience.
  • Traffic Think Tank is your private training ground and sounding board.
  • It will help you scale up your team and prove yourself to others.
  • It gives you real-time peer feedback and access to expert SEOs like Nick Eubanks, Matt Barby, and Ian Howells.
  • This community is tailored to your needs, and the content you receive is actionable.

Traffic Think Tank Cons

  • Its high price tag is one drawback, but it is worth it for people ready to spend the time and money to join its community.
  • The cost of website hosting is not included in the price

What is a Traffic Think Tank?

Traffic Think Tank is an online community with more than 300 members. It’s a great resource to ask questions and get answers from other top marketers. 

Not only will you gain invaluable advice, but you’ll also find actionable SEO content, processes, and strategies. Here’s why it’s worth checking out. And it’s free, too! 

This private online community focuses on search engine optimization (SEO) and is an excellent resource for newbies, experienced pros, and professionals. 

Members can access 300 hours of exclusive learning materials, live Q&A sessions and monthly webinars. 

Traffic Think Tank is great for starting or growing your online business. To get started, join today! Then, get access to the Academy to learn from experts and other members.

The Traffic Think Tank community is a private online community for experienced and newbie marketers. The members share SEO strategies, experiences, tactics, and resources. 

This online community is perfect for new and seasoned marketers looking for guidance and a place to network. There are many benefits of joining the Traffic Think Tank community; we’ll look at some of them in this article. 

Who is Matthew Barby?

Matthew Barby grew organic traffic at HubSpot as the head of content marketing. In addition to being a VP at HubSpot, he was the founder of the Traffic Think Tank, a blog that grew organic traffic to $1M in less than two years. 

Matthew shares what he learned from growing HubSpot and his side projects, such as Traffic Think Tank. Despite his hectic schedule, he still found time to interview Matt Ross and share his story.

The founder of Traffic Think Tank discusses his experience building a $1 million ARR side project and shares insights into how he built it. 

Matt’s experience with traffic generation has been invaluable. He’s helped clients and businesses achieve $400k+ in ARR and continues to do so month after month. 

His expertise in driving traffic is so extensive that he’s developed a course to help you build your money site. This training program is available as a free download and can be downloaded on any device. 

The Academy offers members access to exclusive resources and content on SEO. The content on the Traffic Think Tank website grows by the week. 

It also gives members access to a private Slack group to discuss various topics. You can ask questions about specific topics and learn from the community’s experience. 

Traffic Think Tank is like AA for SEOs. If you’re serious about your SEO career, this is the perfect place to find the answers to your questions. It is an excellent opportunity for any SEO to upgrade his knowledge and experience.

Who is Nick Eubanks?

In addition to being the co-founder of Traffic Think Tank, Nick Eubanks is also the co-founder of From-The-Future, a digital agency that powers growth for some of the world’s largest brands. 

Nick also has his own business, NK Tech, a digital publishing company, and is an investor in digital assets.

He’s sold dozens of websites and has advised many businesses online. In addition to his work as a consultant, Nick Eubanks is also an advisor to DeepCrawl and HopeWorks.

If you want to learn SEO or improve your website, you should consider a membership in Traffic Think Tank Academy. This community is run via Slack and features exclusive resources from top experts and peers. 

The members-only site has more than 200 hours of content that you can filter by topic and skill level. If you’re unsure what to look for, you can even download cheat sheets to help you along the way.

As a member of Traffic Think Tank, you will have unlimited access to hundreds of resources on SEO. Once you’ve

 joined, you’ll receive lifetime access to the community’s experts and hundreds of actionable resources. 

You’ll receive over 100 hours of exclusive training from leading experts every month. Membership is affordable, and you’ll save money by getting access to unlimited downloads.

Who is Ian Howells?

Ian started his SEO career in 2008. He’s worked as a director of SEO for eBay Enterprise and Red Ventures in Charlotte, NC. 

He currently serves as the Director of SEO at Lending Tree, a lending company. He ensures that Lending Tree ranks on the first page of search engines and competes with banks for customers. Ian enjoys SEO, fresh-cut dandelions, and salted caramels in his spare time. 

What is Inside Traffic Think Tank?

Module 1 – Cohort Keyword Research by Nick Eubanks

In this module, you’ll learn how to perform a cohort analysis with Google Analytics, Clicky, and other 3rd party analytics platforms. 

This type of analysis is essential to optimize your SEO campaigns. You will also learn how to maximize your ROI (Return on Investment) through SEO campaigns. 

Module 2 – Scaling Growth with Content Directories

The first part of the module covers the basics of content directories and how to create a plan for them. This strategy is based on identifying keywords and determining ROI. 

Nick explains how to identify keywords and how content directories work and gives examples of how to create a URL that will be found in a search. 

Nick also shares real-world examples of content directories. By the end of the module, you will have a better understanding of the strategy and what you can expect from it.

Module 3: Building a Money Site from Scratch

To build a money site from scratch, you should start with Module 3. This course will teach you everything you need to know to get started. 

You can take advantage of many free SEO resources, training courses, forums, and even a Mastermind, which is a great way to interact with other successful internet marketers. 

This course will also teach you how to optimize your website for search engines and create traffic funnels that convert.

How much does Traffic Think Tank Cost?

Traffic Think Tank has two pricing plans:

  • $119 per month
  • $1,190 per annum


There are many benefits to joining Traffic Think Tank. This online community has 300+ highly qualified members to give you expert advice. 

You can get access to actionable content, processes, and strategies for increasing traffic to your website. 

It is like having your private training ground. The community includes members who are at various stages of the SEO journey. 

It also provides 1:1 support from veterans in the field to help you scale your team and prove your worth. You can even access SEO experts, including Matt Barby, Ian Howells, and Nick Eubanks, to learn from them. The information they share is actionable, and you can implement what you learn in the month.

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