Ways to Be Patient

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In my 2 previous posts, we have established the attributes of patience. As we learned that patience is a virtue which so many people don’t have. Generally speaking, we can say that a patient person attracts respect and honor from people around him. If you are a patient person, people who know you can trust you and count on your good judgment because you will always take time to think things through before making decisions. And because of your patient disposition, you’re a terrific team player.

When you have a reputation of being patient, that makes it possible for people to trust you, because the understanding is that you must have learned such quality with experience, of overcoming obstacles, difficulties, and hardship. Because no one gains patience in a vacuum. And it doesn’t happen automatically. It takes time and effort to achieve or develop. Patience will help you to know how to respond to every life situation and all kinds of people’s attitudes. It will make you be empathic, compassionate, understanding, and cooperative.

People who are very impatient, can’t hide from it. Because you can easily spot them out by how they talk, react, and how arrogant their behaviors might seem. https://www.wisesayings.com/arrogance-quotes/

Take a Break

Oftentimes, our impatience can be triggered by the level of stress that has been accumulated. Maybe due to the daily demands, work demands, school demands, family demands, and other issues going on, you might be losing hours of sleep. No time to relax, because there is just too much demand on your time and skills. Well, be grateful that your life provides value, you’re solving problems, and you are useful in every area, but for you to remain useful, you have to be wise by making sure that you don’t push yourself to a breaking point. Instead, politely refuse some assignments, and take a break to go recharge or refuel your life. Get enough sleep, eat healthy meals, have fun! And you will be able to release the accumulated tensions.

Be Grateful For All You Have

Expressing gratitude daily can help to relax your mood and help you put things according to their values in your life. I like doing this because I know that being grateful is incompatible with complaining. And the more grateful you are, the more happy feelings you generate, and the more patient or relaxed you feel. In addition, if you’re a person of faith, you know the importance of prayer in our daily lives. For we must pray not to enter into temptations of all kinds, including impatience and its consequences.

What Stirs Up Your Negative Emotion?

For some, it could be the caffeine, workload, toxic environment at work or at home. If you don’t pay attention to the source of your impatience triggers; don’t be surprised by how far they affect your tranquility and expose you to emotional dilemmas. As a result, you react negatively to things and people. You become agitated, rushed, anxious, and nervous. I believe that you don’t want to see yourself in such a kind of haze.

In the beginning, these symptoms and more are an indicator that you’re losing your tranquility and your patience. They are signs that you’re losing your psychological balance to what is happening to you.

As a patient person, remember that you’re expected to be as gentle as a lamb, by some people’s expectations, a patient person supposes to keep a low profile and to keep your cool at all times, even when a building is on fire. How many of us can exhibit such a level of calmness? How to Learn From Failure

A patient person is required to make a virtue of necessity. To be as meek as Moses, and shun the attitude of impulsive Peter; Lol. Interesting stuff!

It is interesting to note how people who lack the qualities they demand from others are the first ones to criticize, accuse and condemn another person’s temper.

Volunteer to Serve In A Group Home

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Without a doubt, there is some kind of work or environment that can help you grow patience. And one of them is working at a handicap center or a group home. A residential/workshop setting for the special population, these are men and women who are mentally retarded, or who have all kinds of limitations in their lives.

Interacting daily with this special population can teach you a lot. You will become aware that dealing with difficult people requires some special skills, It requires a level of emotional intelligence, and requires physical, and spiritual strength.

Within this special population, you find both the very low functional as well as the high functioning once. You will see the slow learners and the ones that can’t follow any instruction or clues whatsoever.

 Because they care demands patience, love, respect, empathy, and of course forbearance. A second place to work to grow your patience is in daycare centers. Working with children can be fun and at the same time tasky.  

You will come across the ones that can turn you red within a few minutes of your encounter with them.

As a matter of fact, I will recommend a volunteer service to any special setting, if you really want to evaluate your P.Q. How about following behind a grandpa driver when you’re already running late, what do you do or react? Do you harass the elderly driver by honking your horn nonstop or by tailgating the driver, just because you can’t be patient to wait for where you can safely have the way?

In conclusion, I know that it is ok to avoid what triggers a person’s impatient, but at the same time, it is equally useful to allow ourselves to go through some pains and challenges, to experience delays, denials, rejection, frustrations, hardships, changes, limitations, because it is within these unpleasant experiences and places that our patience, character, and appreciation are being brewed.

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