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With all kinds of manipulations of information, distortion of facts in the online space, many people have become highly skeptical about what to believe or whom to believe. As I read some of the reviews about some products and services offered, I see the need to help people to get the actual facts based on good intentions to help them see things for themselves and then decide based on accurate information and not on false campaign ads. Because of the skepticisms out there; these wealthy affiliate questions and answers are aimed at addressing the questions.

Despite thousands of reviews to find out if the Wealthy Affiliate Marketing program is a legit online training platform; many are still doubtful. Many online business opportunity seekers are still asking the same question to know if “Wealthy Affiliate is legit?

Aso, the simple and most honest reply based on my personal experience and others is ‘YES’, it is a legit program. And this is the answer for over a decade Wealthy Affiliate has been in business. In this review, my goal is to present a straightforward review of the wealthy affiliate as a premium member and also based on my research, and Q&A with old members.

Wealthy Affiliate 2020, Questions and Answers Is It Legit?

There are all kinds of reviews online, that it is equally becoming hard to filter through to find honest reviews, that do not hide the scams. If you are searching for a legit online business program, where you will learn about online business and how to develop a business of your choice, then Wealthy Affiliate is a legit platform for you to get good results for your search. In this review, I will provide you with my reasons as an insider why I feel strongly about its legitimacy and potentials for success.

The goal is to give you the general overview of the most recent Wealthy Affiliate review and its latest Rankings.

Wealthy Affiliate Questions & Answers:

Website: wealthyaffiliate.com

Company Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Founders: Founded by 2 gentle men by name, Kyle & Carson.

Year Founded: 2005

Products/Services: domain name registration, web hosting, affiliate marketing training, are the primary services/products.

Price: Free – $49/month or $495/year 

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

At the wealthy affiliate, you’re connected to a global village. with different people around the world. As a result, the site is active 24/7. There will never be a time you will not have someone online to talk to. Someone to chat with to ask questions, share ideas, and solve problems anytime that you feel stuck on any topic there will always be somebody to chat it over with. Sometimes even with the founders. I know how important this is as far as online business is concerned.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform designed for online entrepreneurs of all levels. Businessmen and women, old and new beginners who want to build a long-term and profitable online business. When you join as a Premium member you will enjoy more benefits at the premium level than at the starter level.

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Platform Offer?

You will learn in a matter of days or weeks how to generate traffics with your website, how to build a website, how to do Social Media Marketing, using Facebook, Twitter, Bing, etc. You will be trained on how to monetize your website. You will also learn the SEO Tools, how to leverage your income, SEO Tools, how to do real Internet Marketing, Professional Blog writing, And many other related pieces of training.

It provides evergreen affiliate marketing training and high-quality online tools that every online entrepreneur would need to start and grow an online business. It is all about helping people have a genuine online platform where they can find the trusted and affordable resources, and training for their online business. Super Affiliate System 3.0 review 2020: Scam or legit course [John Crastani]

One of the things wealthy affiliate emphasizes on is building a strong foundation for an online business that will be sustainable and profitable in the long term. It is based on this premise that the company has built one of the world’s classes online training platforms to train entrepreneurs of all levels on how to use the internet to market their talents, ideas, products, and services through affiliate marketing.

How Long Has Wealthy Affiliate Been In Business?

 Wealthy Affiliate has been in business since 2015, which is about good years. It is a global company with about 1.7 + million members with its headquarters in Canada. It is owned by 2 talented young men by name of Kyle and Carson. With a vision to create an online business platform that can be trusted, authentic, sustainable, and profitable to members. And amazingly, this has remained the testimony and the history of this company for the past 15 years. It is a company that grows by days.

The wealthy affiliate emphasizes building a strong foundation for an online business that will be sustainable, and profitable for the long term.

It is based on this premise that the company has built one of the world’s classes online training platforms to train entrepreneurs of all levels on how to use the internet to market their talents, ideas, products, and services through affiliate marketing outlets. Click here for more information. I know that this review will not be able to answer all the answers to the questions about the wealthy affiliate platform, but it will provide you with nothing short of correct and honest answers.

 What are the Main Services or Products of a Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online Training, Company, that specializes, in domain hosting, website creating, and hosting, with the WordPress affiliation. It specializes in training online entrepreneurs of all levels on affiliate marketing techniques. Education through detailed step-by-step training programs. Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp, each has its categories, from Level 1 to Level 5. See the screenshot. https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=c4aae78b

Website Building everybody who wants to have an online presence can appreciate the importance of building a website. Wealthy Affiliate specializes in building two classes of websites for its members and customers, at a Starter Free Level, and at a Premium minimal cost of $19.00. These are the most customized websites, with over 3000 updated themes, and advance WordPress integration.

It is just amazing and beyond description with words what Wealthy Affiliate has built and how affordable their rate is as compared to any other company that can offer similar services and products they do. here for more information.

Hosting is integrated with the website’s services. And their hosting cost remains relatively cheaper than others.

The Following Are Some Of The Features Included in Website/Domain Hosting in Wealthy Affiliate:

SiteSpeed, The speed of your website is crucial for navigation and SOE ranking

            SiteProtect, Increased Spam Protection

            SiteHealth, Website Analysis

            SiteComments, a site where you offer and receive daily comments on your website

           site feedback, A Focus Group for Your Website

           What Does  Site SSL – Free SSL Certificates (Website Encryption Mean?

Indeed, the wealthy affiliate Site Support team is superb. it’s excellent they are the best from everyone’s experience. The technical support team is the life wire of the website and domain hosting as well as the best business companion and confidence of every business owner, as every online business knows the importance of technical teams. As they breath technical life into the business.

They are world-class tech experts for the reason for their prompt response to questions, and their efficiency in solving and resolving any technical issues. As of this review this month of June 2020, the company is serving up to 1.7+ million affiliate marketers! For me, that shows the integrity and competitiveness of the company.

What Is Jaaxy?

Wealthy Affiliate-Jaaxy Best 2 for 1 Deal Online Today🌞-New Bonus ...

 This is another powerful tool for wealthy affiliates. It is one of the most globally used keyword search engines It is used to search and the keywords that are needed in every niche. Without its use, ranking on any of the search engines will be hard. Click here to see the jaaxy review.

 Are You A Member of Wealthy Affiliate?

Precisely, I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for some months now. And I have equally researched other people’s reports and reviews about the services of this company, and when compared with similar Platforms I found out that it has quite a very high-ranking reputation.

It is based on this information and my insights that I decide to do this Wealthy Affiliate review, to provide accurate information and honest recommendation to anyone aspiring to join the online business, particularly, affiliate marketing and an entrepreneur in need of Domain/website hosting services.

My experience has been that of peace of mind and gradual progress. I’m sure of my investment of time and money for a better reward. Since it is not a get-rich-quick program, I’m not anxious at this stage of how much I make, but of how best I’m able to build my business for future results. 

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate cost?

The Wealthy Affiliate program offers two kinds of generous memberships Package. The 1st package is known as the Starter Package and the second is the Premium Package. At the starter level, it is free. The first one is a Free starter membership. Where you are free to join as a starter and start taking the training lessons, or you join as a Premium member for only $19.00 for your first month and then $49 per month or $495.00 annually.

This amount covers the cost of every lesson, the websites, the maintenance, and the hosting cost, etc. Plus you get a premium keyword research tool that will help you find long-tail keywords for your content creation. This is what will help you rank higher your website on search engines and make money from your website.

What are the Wealthy Affiliate Pros And Cons?

Some Of The Pros Are:

1. There is no buying of items you don’t need and stocking up as a marketer.

2.  No Pyramid teams to be built, as in MLM and other similar plat forms

3. You don’t need to stress about holding hotels or outdoor meetings to invite people to learn about the business, unless you see it fit for you.

4. No phone calls to customers or your Network team. Every communication, trainings, and marketing are done through your personal website.

5. 59% 1st month Premium discount, which means instead of paying $49, you pay only $19.

These are just a few of the pros that I have listed here, there are still more.

The Wealthy Afilliate Platform has a comprehensive package of everything affiliate marketing.

Some Of The Cons Are

  1. Massive trainings  with daily tasks, before each certification.
  • Requires individual direct action taking, for the training, tasks, etc.
  • It requires much time investment, and personal effort and perseverance at the beginning.
  • The starter package is free only for a limited time frame – 7 days only.

My Wealthy Affiliate FAQ

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? Not at all.

Is Wealthy Affiliate training outdated as other marketers claim it is? No it’s not but right now they’re in the process of upgrading their trainings, by next month, it’s going to have some updates, but still the original platform. Is Wealthy Affiliate free to join?

As I stated before, Wealthy Affiliate has two sets of membership status. The first one is the Starter Free membership that lasts for 7 days of free training with a free website. Once the 7 days are over, the Premium charge will be activated. During the 7 days, you will get your free siterubix website. I have a website, can I still join Wealthy Affiliate?  yes, you can. Bloggers can join and their websites can be transferred to the WA platform.

Are There Other Hidden Fees After the Training or Forced buys?

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 | Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

There is no such thing to the best of my knowledge. And the company doesn’t just wake up and increase their fees. For the past 15 years, they have maintained the same rate, till last week when they announced an adjustment on the annual fee. While the monthly fee remains the same.

How Long Does the Training Take? 

Surely, it all depends on the individual, some can get the training done in a matter of weeks and start making money, while to some it can take longer than that. It all depends on the pace the person wants to go and the skills. But on average, it should be between 2 – 3 weeks for people with computer skills. Again, as I said earlier, it all depends on the individual and his or her commitment to the training.

What’s Your Best Advice or Second Choice for a Beginner?

Actually, from my personal experience and other members, it is always safer to start with a company that has a good reputation. That has lasted long in the business, that is affordable, and that has the website and hosting services in one Platform. And why I will confidently recommend to any online seeker is that WA has all these qualifications. It is hard to get a good company like that that charges as low as the Wealthy Affiliate. Click here for a trial today. It is as if they are in service to help people achieve their online goals.

You have the choice to compare with other websites, or services, but the purpose of this review is to save people time, money, and anxiety, by making sure that they’re going through a site or service that is already proven over the years by people globally to be profitable and sustainable.

Since I’m pretty confident that you will consider a wealthy affiliate at least with a free trial, I will recommend that you click here for the free trial. Click here for the siterubix Good luck with all your decision going forward! But before I end my Wealthy Affiliate review, I just want to give you my personal opinion about the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

What’s Your Personal Opinion about Wealthy Affiliate?

Are you ready to take that first step of checking it out? You can start with the Free Member package that is where I started. I then upgraded later. The fact is that Wealthy Affiliate is a very legit company, with a clear vision and mission to provide unique and authentic services to its members. And it has been doing so for the past 15 years. With i.8 million members worldwide. 

However, no matter whatever reviews you come across, either about wealthy affiliates or any other company online, no one else can live your life for you or make that final decision for you. All I can do or anyone else will do is to provide you with the facts and figures to enable you to make an informed decision so that you don’t end up in scams.

Hopefully, this review has been helpful to you by clearing some doubts and answering some of your questions about Wealthy Affiliate. I’m believing that with this review that you can be able to make informed decisions going forward.

I will highly appreciate your sharing this review with your contacts, and groups, and giving me your thoughts and comments at the end.

Do You Receive Other Members’ Recommendations?

 Here is an example of the response from another user. “I am excited recommending Wealthy Affiliate. I have learned so much and really enjoy taking all the classes. I still haven’t finished them all and am active every day. I love the way you can follow along with the lessons step-by-step and really make progress and be able to see your progress as you go along. Since I am a Premium Member I have been able to join in on the Friday night Live Video Classes where you can interact with the leader and other members and ask questions. Enjoy the community as well.”

Can You Confidently Recommended Wealthy Affiliate To People You Know?

Absolutely. I will any time recommend a wealthy affiliate program to anyone. I have affiliated with some of the top-tier digital companies, this type of training from Wealthy Affiliate only comes with a high ticket price in other programs. So this is a very affordable legit program for both beginners and experts.

Click here to join the wealthy affiliate free starter offer today and I assure you that you will be glad you did.

Your comments, questions, and thoughts will be highly appreciated.

8 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Questions & Answers Review”

  1. I agree that this platform is the best value for anyone that wants to start an online income.  The training forces you to apply what you learn right away and you can go at your own pace.  There is a ton of support either via chat  and e-mail. I have tried other programs and all I got was auto generated e-mails with no real support.

    Kyle will respond directly to you if you e-mail him.   Also there are a slew of experts on every topic that you can think of.  Some even share their own information to help.   

  2. Hi, thank you for your summary of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I have been a premium member on Wealthy Affiliate just over a month now and can absolutely confirm that it is a legit training platform for anyone wanting to learn how to sucees in online marketing and affiliate marketing. It offers you all the tools you need to build your own traffic producing website and promote products in any nice you want. It is fantastic and great value for money. Highly recommend it to anyone wanting to build their own business online.

    1. Hi Drea, and thanks for stopping by at my site and for your great input. I’m glad to hear that you’ve been a member of the Wealthy Affiliate for over a month now. And with your experience, you have been able to confirm that it is a legit business. Which means that our reviews about the company are not overblown. Wealthy affiliate and its highly engaged network offer all the necessary tools for building a sustainable online business.

      Thanks for your comment and hope you visit regularly.


  3. Millie "Pioneer Kitty" Zeiler

    The reading on the website was difficult due to grammar issues throughout.  Are you using the WA templates and their SEO scorecards by chance?  This will help as by using them you will see where you’re going wrong.  That tool will also pick up on the grammar issues and how you’ve strung together your content. 

    You want to get above the 80% mark in your score.  Anything below this and you are going to have ranking problems, and not just with Google.

    I’m supposedly a “grammar expert” and even I had issues at first when I did the first post using WA’s templates!  However, that SEO scorecard helped me learn how to edit what I was doing by making sure I eliminated as many negatives as possible so that I could have a better ranking.

    Not only is it a better ranking, but it’s also more visitor friendly.  I know for me, as a visitor of any given website, the moment I encounter readability issues I will bounce out and very likely never return to the site again.  In all honesty, it doesn’t matter how good the product/service you’re offering is when it comes down to how you present it.  The easier it is for a visitor to read and understand your content the better.

    Right now that “easier” part is simply not there and this is going to hurt you and your rankings.  I’d highly recommend the SEO scorecard feature used within each of your posts.  Using that will help!  It did for me – and this is coming from someone who typically does well with article writing.

  4. Great review on Wealthy Affiliate.  I joined Wealthy Affiliate many years ago, probably 10 or more.  I started receiving numerous emails after I signed up, did not do a dang thing to give it a try, and just considered it a scam because of all the emails.  Fast forward, I tried them again about 5 years ago and have been with them ever since.  I’ve gone thru the training, and went to premium member within a week as it is totally worth it.   Great program!

    1. Leahrae, thank you so much for your wonderful testimony. And congratulations on your steady journey with wealth affiliate! One thing I have seen that troubles me most is that the bad influence of falsehood is making it hard for real things to be visible and acceptable by the public.  

      Once again, thanks for your valuable comment.

  5. António Mateus

    Wow! What a great review on WA… as a newbie at Wealthy Affiliate, I’m flabbergasted by the excellent research work you’ve done. Truth be told I’ve been getting all the support I need and the training even though long is very clear and valuable. It has been a good experience so far.

    Thanks a lot for sharing and keep safe!

    1. Hi Antonio, thank you for your kind and candid comment. I’m very glad to hear that you’re on board! Keep the dream alive!

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