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Webtalk Review 2020: scam or legit rewarding social media platform?

In this Webtalk review for 2020, we will take a look at what the company offers and the ways you can earn money with this rewarding social media platform.

But before we get into the point, let me ask you a question: Have you been paid using a social media platform like Facebook or LinkedIn as a simple user?

As I know, they didn’t pay you a dime or share their monthly or annual revenue (even 1% of that) with you.


However indirectly or directly you make them wealthy.


Yes! In case you didn’t know it. If you want to advertise on platforms like Facebook, you need to pay them in order to reach your audience using their advertising feature.


They make money in this case from you -directly.

Another scenario. Before a platform gets advertisers’ attention, they need to have a large users database. That way advertisers will be ready to pay in order to advertise or to reach their targeted audience.

You, as a user, using a platform like Facebook contribute to its success. Without you and me or at least without people using these platforms, advertisers won’t pay attention on it.

Don’t get me wrong. Advertisers or businesses will always be ready to spend their money where they can get a huge return for their money.

If you are using Facebook to advertise your business, you will agree with me on this point.

But here the key questions are:

Even if Webtalk share their revenue with its users or pay them commission, is it worth it?

What Webtalk do differently than other social media platforms, and why will you pay for the features it offers?

These are also some points my unbiased Webtalk review will cover.

Let’s get in.

Webtalk review summary:

Company name: webtalk

Product type: social media platform for businesses

Owner: Robert Garbowicz

Website: https://webtalk.co.

Price: $0 to $40 per month

Is Webtalk a scam? No

Overall rating: 90/100

Do I recommend this? Yes

What is Webtalk?

Founded in 2011, by Robert Garbowicz , Webtalk is a brand new social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms you may know. Since its Beta launch in 2018, the platform is gaining good popularity day after day.

As any social media platform, it is free to join and you have the ability to send messages to your friends, post in your timeline, comment, and like other people’s posts.

In short, what you can do on Facebook, you can do it on this new brand social media platform called Webtalk.

What makes Webtalk particular compared to a social media platform like Facebook?

As I said earlier, Webtalk is a social media platform where you can do almost what you usually do with most social media platforms.

But unlike traditional social media platforms where you are not rewarded for your activities, Webtalk claims they will pay you for your activities on its platform.

For instance, you get rewarded for each post comment, share, and like you make or get from users. That is what you always do but not getting a dime.


Another thing this platform does differently is offering users the ability to separate their personal network from their professional network using the same account.

Though with Facebook if you have a personal profile for family and relatives and you want a professional account for your business you need to create a new account dedicated for that

Truth be told, most of the people who join Webtalk is for business purpose. That is my opinion.

And personally, I am addicted by Facebook I can’t move my friends, family, and relatives to this platform. What I mean is simple.

If I decide to join Webtalk today (I have been a member since 2018) it is for business. Not to hang out with friends or family members.

On top of that, Webtalk offers an affiliate program and an MLM program everyone can take part for free. I will talk about it later in this Webtalk review.

My take away for this section of my Webtalk review: Webtalk is a social and business network like Facebook everyone can use to expand his business.

Learn how to start a successful affiliate marketing business in 2020.

Webtalk features and benefits?

First off, Webtalk is asocial platform and free to join and you can use it free.

But unlike Facebook where you are allowed to send unlimited friends request, as a free member they limit you to 50 contacts and other limitations.

Note that this platform is dedicated for business as I mentioned earlier.

Now if you want to have more contacts or network, you need to upgrade your account and be a pro member.

They base the number of contacts you have allowed to get on your membership plan level.

We will talk about it later in this review.

Here are some of the Wetalk features:

SicialCRM: It allows you to assign tags and note to your contacts that can help you find them later.

Newsfeed: It gives you a complete control over the news you see with built-in network and groups by just using the keyword filters.

UserSearch: Inside Webtalk you can do quick searches for any user by name, job title, industry. You can also use any keywords to find what you want.

There are more features coming soon So stay stunning!

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How much does Webtalk cost?

Wel talk review :Pricing

The platform is free to join and you are limited to 50 business contacts (CRM) as a free member.

But it provides 2 premium subscription plans where you can unlock more features and benefits.

Pro membership plan – $20 per month or $200 per year

It comes with:

  • over 500 contacts,
  • 5 messages a month to non-connected Webtalk members,
  • Send 5 spotlight posts and more.

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Pro Platinum membership plan – $40 per month or $400 per year

This membership plan offers you the ability to:

  • Have unlimited contacts,
  • Send 20 messages a month to non-connected Web talk members,
  • Send 20 spotlight posts.
  • View profiles without member knowing,
  • search members based on age and gender, and more.

On top of that, you will also earn 10% ($20 -$40) on any new Pro Platinum Member you refer and that deep to 5 levels.


You need to act now because that is for a limited time only.

As for the Webtalk owner, this is Available until the company has 1 million Pro Platinum Affiliates. Once the 1 million is reached, the opportunity to earn from other affiliate memberships will be limited to just 1 level.

How can you make money from Webtalk?

There are several ways users can make money from this brand new social media platform.

You can make money as a free member throughout their affiliate program.

You get paid a 10% recurring commission for each paid subscription.

You can also make money from their revenue sharing program that is based to the platform ad revenue earned through ads sales and engagement points.

As a pro member, you get paid 10% for each new pro referral for life as mentioned above, but you also get paid for your referral referrals pro subscription down to 5 levels.

As a free member, to be eligible for getting the residual income, you must sponsor at least one paid member.

Let me remain you. This is for a limited time only.

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Webtalk Review: Pros and Cons

What I like with Webtalk

  • Free to join and even free member can benefit from the platform by doing what they usually do on other social media platforms like Facebook.
  • Possibility to separate all of your contacts into professional and personal. That is important giving you have full control of what you are shared with your network.
  • Possibility to filter the kind of information you want to appear in your feeds or timeline.
  • Great place for businesses to grow their business.
  • Useful features to use.

What I don’t like with Webtalk

  • You need to sponsor one paid member to be eligible for residual income.
  • A Lot of ads – that can be annoying if you are a free member.
  • Not a mature brand yet – always in beta mode since 2018 I discovered it.

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Webtalk is a brand new social media platform that is attracting more and more people and businesses.

And the exciting part is that you can make extra money in various ways while promoting your existing business to other Webtalk users.

If you are looking to make money or to expand your business I encourage you to give it a try. You have nothing to lose by creating a free account.

I hope you enjoy my Webtalk review for 2020.

From now you know what the platform is about and what to expect from it.

Definitely, We talk is not a scam. That is a freemium social media platform you can use. And since you can try it free, don’t take my word do that, just take a look.

To your success!

2 thoughts on “Webtalk Review 2020: scam or legit rewarding social media platform?”

  1. I am going to sign up for webtalk. I will work with the free version to get a feel of how it operates and look towards upgrading in the near future. I am a musician and a facebook user with 985 friends , but they are all mixed up church friends, work friends, music contacts, family friends etc. I like the feature you explained about web talk being able to separate my groups. I also like the affiliate marketing possibilities that are offered. If I am going to be so active on social media, I might as well choose to get paid in some way. Thank you

    1. JJ thanks so much for your candid comment, and wise decision to sign up for the free version to get a feel of how it works. I will definitely encourage you to do so, that’s equally what I did. Webtalk is a very fertile and stable platform for every business owner to grow and connect massively. I believe that once you do, you’re going to be happy you did.

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