What Does Living A Healthy Life Involve?

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I wonder if there is any wise person who will not like to enjoy a healthy life. What does living a healthy life involve? But unfortunately, there are many who are paying less attention to their health and wholeness. Speaking of wholeness, it is a lifelong adventure. And that for sure requires our continued effort, and determination to stay on the path that leads to real healthy and whole life., Because, as we are going to explore in a short moment, we are going to find out what living a healthy life involves.

I like this quote by Willliam Jennings Bryan, it says, “Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” I hope that after reading this article that you will have a new desire and a choice to make concerning living a healthy life and being whole.

Living Healthy Is A Choice

For instance, for a person struggling with (High Cholesterol), you don’t need an expert to tell you that you need to cut down on fatty foods. This means that no matter your cravings for those “high-fatty” fast food diets, you have to avoid them for the sake of your coronary health.

And there are some of us who are not interested in any kind of talk about healthy eating. For such people, anything cooked is good and healthy enough. Without any doubt, there is a better way to eat healthily. And the good news is that it is not too late for you to start balancing your diets if you want to live healthy and whole.

 I’m sharing this to remind us that there are secrets to living a healthy life. Obviously, nobody wants his or her diet habits to be restricted.  However, if we desire to live a healthy life, there must be a balancing of how we live to eat, from how we eat to live.

Remember that if you are only feeding the 1/3 or 2/3, it then means your diet is lacking in the three hallmarks of health, studied by Less Parrott, and Neil C. Warren. And that will lead to an unhealthy life according to the study.

Forget all about all the eating healthy hype out there.  As we know eating healthy, is not as cheap as it sounds. It takes common sense, as well as practicality, and a price to pay. Because it is a choice, an important choice for that matter. There is more to it than what an average person is aware of. But no matter our pre-understanding of being healthy, in this article we are going to expand our understanding by exploring other elements that contribute to or make up a healthy life. The experience of people has shown through different studies, investigations, and ancient teachings that we cannot be happy when our emotional and spiritual life is not in harmony. Just like a sick person can’t feel happy until healing is received.

With that in mind, we can agree that living a healthy life is taking care of ourselves in three primary ways. Then, if we fail to, we will be like “A man too busy to take care of his health, which is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.” Unfortunately, that’s exactly what some people are doing with their health.

Based on contemporary research on healthy living, Less Parratt and Neil Clark Warren, among others, have concluded that healthy living is enshrined in these three deep secrets: https://www.livestrong.com/article/31172-effects-poor-nutrition-health/

The Three Healthy Hallmarks

1) Profound Significance, which creates the awareness in the person that he or she is loved unconditionally, core knowledge.

2) Unswerving authenticity, means knowing who you are and being courageous in living your values, and beliefs, etc.

3) Self-giving love, that involves knowing your worth, and how much you’re loved and needed by others in your daily activities. I will be constrained by space to go through each of these in detail. That may come up with a different article later.

Understandably, the new researchers are seeking a fresh understanding of the sciences instead of limiting it to the psychological analysis of misery, but the studies are stretching further to understand wellness. And as a result of these perspectives, and findings have alerted the sciences, and treatments of all kinds of illnesses. Which has shown that “a person can’t be happy without being healthy.” And that there is a lot to being healthy than the notion of being sick. This is the reality. Because I know it and have witnessed it in my years of working with people, both the high functioning and low functioning. I can tell you that our emotional health is key to living the life we want to enjoy.

So we can deduce that no matter the kind of career, relationship, position, the person will not be joyful or fulfilled if the person does not feel emotionally fit or healthy. I wish we understand the importance of this point. Or you ask a clinically depressed person. So we have to pay attention to our emotional, spiritual, as well as our mental well-being if we really want to be healthy and enjoy life. These days, I can assure you that real healthy people are in the minority!

Integrating The Three Hallmarks of Health

This shows that the body works as a complex engine, all the parts are interconnected. Somebody refers to it as a motor engine. Every part of the engine has to be working well for the car to run smoothly and last longer. In the same vein, we can only enjoy a healthy body when our emotional, psychological health and spiritual health is healthy, then we can boast of enduring healthy life that leads to inner peace and long-lasting joy.

Well, let us consider the three dimensions of being healthy in the real sense of healthiness. According to the study done by Les Parrott and Neil Clark Warren, they determined that anyone who lives a healthy life “must live within these three hallmarks of healthy life” which are described as: How do you balance it? You do that by incorporating, making sure that your spirit, soul, and body is living in harmony. You can’t enjoy a healthy life if you are not healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Now, you can see how deep and important it is for us to desire a healthy living that is lived within these three dimensions, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. The truth is that many of us, regardless of age, race, faith, or career, we’re all searching for completeness. All of us love our lives. But we will live a better, and happier, healthier life if we learn how to live within the 3 hallmarks of health.

I’m pretty sure that by now, you’re beginning to adjust your thinking about healthy living. Because, as far as I know, there are very few in today’s society who are living a  healthy and whole life. Living a healthy life is like a tripod. If one leg is off, balance becomes impossible.

I’m happy knowing these secrets, which will enable me to pursue a healthy w and whole life; as I take into consideration my daily activities both big and small. It means feeding me physically, psychologically, as well as spiritually. Anything short of that is like a tripod missing a leg. How to Have a Better Life

And I want to acknowledge that this topic was not what I previously planned to write about. But was inspired after reading two psychotherapists’ discussions on healthy and whole. It was quite revealing.

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