What Patience Allows

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Patience provides us stamina. It gives us stability, power, over the circumstances of life. But the question is how patient are you? You don’t need to raise your hands up to answer this question. But you can think about it, and weigh it with what goes on in your life daily. If you are a mother, how patient are you in training your children? Do you easily lose your temper, and smack the child, verbally abuse the child? Patience allows you to develop peace of mind, contentment, compassion, love, humility, and courage.

As a parent, or a teacher, when you develop the quality of patience, it will enable you to intentionally teach the child by modeling the qualities, you want to see him or her develop? You know how children’s irrational behaviors can frustrate, and annoy us in most cases. At the same time, our children are the sweetest beings ever. But it takes patience to nurture and train them to bring out the best that is in them. It takes time, effort, determination, and so forth. But you must train your mind to be elastic, to be stretched.

Oh, I was with my grandchildren this week, as they came for vacation.  I was amazed by their level of intelligence, their caring attitude, and all the wonderful qualities I observed in my grandchildren. In the same way, at the same time, I observe their rough ways of playing, the messy rooms, and kitchen, the noise, etc. I have to tolerate the good and unpleasantness.

The fact is that there are many things that demand our patience in life. For instance, the daily traffic jam at a certain time of the day, the long lines at the stores during some holiday seasons, the unexpected plumbing problems, or the computer that went blank in the midst of a serious project and other similar events. How do we react?

I have to formulate a lesson based on their behaviors. I have to teach, instruct, guide, show, and demand what I need them to learn. It was a teaching and learning moment for us.

I think that’s how patient works. You don’t exercise patience in a vacuum. There must be expectations, a waiting time, a goal or a dream to achieve, and some unpleasant situations to exercise patience on quietly without losing your mind.

If we can learn how to tolerate all the daily hassles, irritants, stresses, delays, obstacles with a calm spirit, with no complaints, and blaming, we will have peace and can be said that we have peace.

The 10 Enduring Benefits of Patience

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  1. Living a life of patience will give you a life of peace, and quietness. And I consider this to be very important or most important, after all upon all the struggles to achieve and to become rich and famous, if we gain the whole world and lack the internal peace, we will remain miserable and empty. Therefore, cultivating the virtue of patience is an achievement.
  • Patience, helps one to gain self-control, because a patient person is a person that has learned something about how discipline himself or herself. The person has trained his mind so that many things do not move him or her.
  • Patience provides clarity. When we are patient in any circumstances, it enables us to think things through, filter the clusters, the confusing voices, and any ambiguities. When we exercise patience, it allows time to clear up things. But if we impatiently force ourselves through  evolving events, no matter what it is, we will end up with incomplete facts and knowledge of what is at stake or what we should do to achieve the best results possible.
  • Patience allows us to have compassion, and to render forgiveness and obtain forgiveness. When we are patient, we can take time to listen to anyone’s story. And more importantly to listen to 2 waring parties. Patience also will enable you to seek for deeper understanding of any issue rather than jumping into a rushed conclusion and false judgement.
  • Patience produces endurance and good character in us. Nobody likes waiting indefinitly for any outcome. Patience at any level, has to do with the ability to wait calmly for delays, disappointments, unexpected outcomes, setbacks, obstacles and expected ends.

Oh, I learned a very good lesson from my 5-year granddaughter yesterday. My three grandkids came over on vacation. So in the course of my conversation with my granddaughter, I told her that I will give her a present.How to Have a Better Life

About an hour later, she came to me and said, “grandma what about the present you said you will give to me? “ I said yes, I still remember, she said, but you have not given me my present. She also asked by the way, what kind of present is it? ” She was serious and persuasive to make me do it at her timing and terms.

Guess what happened, the second day came, no present, she decided on how to keep me restless or commit to making sure she doesn’t let me off the hook. She trails my every movement, and she will ask grandma, is the presence in the house? Are you going shopping today? Can I go with you? My baby continued pestering me and reminding me until eventually, I fulfilled y promise. Patience allows us to maintain our vows, keep our promises.

  • Patient people maintain long lasting relationships.

Living a life of patience promotes good health. There are documented psychological studies. Ordinarily, a happy life, with and a positive mindset, live at peace with them and others.  

Due to their patient nature, they can nurture relationships, tolerate, understand, and care. Because through this excellent quality, a real patient person has learned forbearance, that has learned to suffer and understands better what matters.

Let me pause here with this quote,

“Patience is not the ability to wait. Patience is to be calm no matter what happens, constantly take action to turn it to positive growth opportunities, and have faith to believe that it will all work out in the end while you are waiting.”

Roy T. Bennett

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