When Success Seems Delayed

Sometimes, you have thoughts going on in your mind, yet you don’t find the right words to share them, mostly if the English language is not your primary language. I noticed that I have been slacking behind in my blog writing recently. To that, I render my apology to you my regular readers for falling behind during this period. It has been a trying one in many ways. But I remain grateful to God for His infinite mercy. But what do you do when success seems delayed? For some days now,  I have been having a kind of thought indigestion if there is anything like that, but that’s the best way I can express what I felt during the past week.

Imagine a situation where I will have the urge to write and publish my articles, but could not produce the words as they swim around in my mind as soon as I sit down to write. My head feels blank, or frozen feelings. You know the feeling you have when you feel the urge to use the toilet, but as you sit on the toilet seat, you discover that nothing comes out. That’s why I termed what happened to me last week as thought indigestion. What do we do when success seems delayed?  Great question! We will find out together.

I choose this keyphrase, when success seemed delayed; because I know that there are many who are struggling right now in their businesses, career, relationships, job, studies, and so forth. Maybe some have set a deadline for when their patience will expeir. Remember, that things don’t always work out the way they are planned to be. Whatever happens in the process of pursuing your dreams, it is good to remain focused and to reflect on your intentions. It is good to be patient, to be determined, and say no matter what I will not lose hope until I see the manifestation of my dream.

Often time, I feel for people in their struggles because I care, and I also know how it feels to wait for something. I know how unsettling it is to wait for anything. I remember the anxiety, worry, fear, doubt I had those years when I was expetating to have a second baby. I waited for good 7 years before I had a second child. And so many other important things in my life that I have to wait for a long time to accomplish. So I know how it feels to wait to wait for the manifestation of your dreams, or promise, whatever it is that you’re waiting for. It raises our anxiety level, we deal with fear and doubt, worry and so forth.

Well, in this article let us reason together as to understand and reflect on our experiences, expectations as online marketers, entrepreneurs, networkers, or whatever title you prefer to describe yourself. The question here is, how many online marketers are achieving their dreams as of when they expected to achieve it? And how many are getting discouraged as a result of what seems to them as delayed success? Let me add here that delay is not denial. That something has delayed happening does not mean that it has been denied or that it will not happen at all. Very important for us to bear in mind as we pursue our dreams.

When Things Are Getting Tougher?

If you’re like so many people who are still at the bottom of the online business journey, you can attest to the anxiety that builds up month after month when there’s nothing showing up into your wallet. I’m talking about many people who are struggling and praying to Google for frequent ranking. These are among the group of onliners who are struggling with the challenge of campaign ads, upgrades, and the payment of their monthly or yearly fees, without any passive or residuals income yet.  

Like most of the people I know; you can agree that life is getting tougher, busier than ever. Then the question becomes how do you remain focused and hopeful in other to endure till you see the results of your labor? This article is asking you not to lose hope in what is achievable even when success seems delayed. Success is said to be a road always under construction. https://www.lifehack.org/431030/science-shows-this-is-the-only-skill-you-need-to-be-successful-in-life. It’s not fake news to say that so many families, individuals, companies, are facing real tough time. Money is tight, time is tight, and there seems to be no easy way out, or encouraging signs, especially, if you listen to the news and the 24/7 COVID-19 reports.

Thriving in The Midst Of Crisis

But as I reason within me, I realized that it is in the midst of a crisis that some people, companies, and individuals thrive best. And that’s what’s happing now in the online industry which we are part of, whether as a full-time or part-time online worker. There has been an influx of people, opportunity seekers who have flooded the online space. Some due to what they’ve read, heard, and even witnessed from the testimonies and lifestyles of ordinary people earning thousands and millions of dollars or whatever currency online month after month and year after year. Many have succeeded in their business beyond their wildest dreams, as a combination of factors that worked for them. Some of these people passed so many obstacles and shook hands with failures before they got to where they are today. They all had the experience of delayed success.

Maybe, you feel left behind, you doubt if you can make it like others. You beat yourself up. You blame your lack of results on the program you promote or your friends, mentors, or you blame yourself more, regretting why you joined networking in the first place. I want to tell you if that feels like you to take a deep breath as I did and keep focused on your goals. Don’t quit, don’t jump from pillar to post, that will even distract and hamper your progress because you’re being drawn to different directions at the same time.

Your harvest time, and your testimony time is at hand, provided you’re doing your work, by taking daily actions to build your business, your career, or your relationships, or even your study if you’re a student. Remember, there is time for everything, time for planting, and time for reaping. And it is what one plant during the planting season that will determine the kind of harvest to expect. So, encourage yourself, keep planting, keep moving on, don’t lose focus.

Personally, one of the first thing I did early in my business was that I defined what success means for me. And that has helped me to know how to measure my success, contrary to what another person tells me or how another person measures it. I know what success means to me even when it seems delayed. I know quite well, that the measuring stick for evaluating success today is focused on money only. But for me, I see my success beyond money, even though I crave greatly for my earning potential to be proportionate to my efforts, time, the energy that I invest in my business.

Identify Your Other Benefits When the Financial Success Seemed Delayed

 I have experienced it myself, that there are other benefits to being an online marketer or business owner. The benefits include, for instance, saving money. It also, brings personal growth, constant engagement with other like-minded networkers. Its exposure to other business opportunities, ideas, friendships, and the positive effects of social engagements. Engaging with people from all backgrounds, all social, economic, academic, levels who are like-minded and pulling their positive energy together for meaningful changes to better their lives and others is huge.

 For those who are feeling frustrated, discouraged as a result of monetary evidence of results, reframe your thought. See it that you have made the right choice of joining a vehicle that will drive you to achieve your dreams. We have made the right choice to pursue what will make a better and lasting difference in our lives and the lives of our families.

You Can Re-strategize

Are you getting worried and anxious every day? Take a deep breath, sit down, clear your mental fog due to pressure. Check first of all if you’re really doing all that you need to do. Check whether with all the unlimited great online opportunities available today if you have chosen the right one for you. If you are convinced that you’ve chosen rightly then, stick to it and give it time.

Another thing you can do is to check your goals and commitment. If your goals are far bigger than your commitments, that means that you need to get more committed, if not, your goals may turn out to be like wishful thinking. I want to encourage you to stick to your good intentions, the intention that made you commit in the first place.

Do not allow that initial excitement to dimple, to wear off, or dampened. Try all you could to remain committed to your business, goal, or career. And that’s exactly what I’m doing because that’s where the result for success will come from. Just remember, even when you feel that you’re not seeing the progress you desire in moths, just appreciate other benefits, and purposes of being a team member, who is investing his or her life productively.

 Believe That You Can Make It

Sometimes, it is good that you define what success is to you, despite how every other person defines it. We all, need to have the right intentions. Believe that you’re at the right place and at the right time and with the right network team if you are sure of where you are. This is my encouragement to you for you to believe in your abilities, and improve in the areas you need to. Keep focused, have patience and determination to run till you reach the finished line which in this case is to achieve your financial goals. I hope you find something to pick from this post. Keep going, no turning back till you reach your goal!

2 thoughts on “When Success Seems Delayed”

  1. This has truly been the most inspiring read I have had today. It really has answered a lot of questions for me. I’m currently struggling between two big job opportunities in my life and I am unsure which one to take. One of these opportunities I’m already in, but I’m afraid of leaving it for something that seems to be a lot more beneficial. But is that just what it masks to be? Will I even be good at it? What if I lose this job or the other job? These are all doubts that have been circling through my head recently and I’m afraid that I’m not good at either of these jobs and therefore nothing at all… however, your article has proven these negative thoughts wrong and I really appreciate that a lot. Thank you

    1. Misael, thank you for your candid comment on this article. I’m glad that you found the article useful for you. And I also noticed that you had some self-doubts, and also in the midst of making some crucial decisions concerning your career. Just believe that you got all it takes. Believe that you are capable of doing whatever you have the greatest interest on. Walk with your instincts, and shun every negative self-talk and negative thoughts. They’re not going to propel you forward. Be courageous and fearless to go for what you want. 

      Wishing you the best of success!

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