Why Are You Behaving The Way You Do? Just Be Real

Every one of us wants to be our best, we want to have a better personality. That’s why self-improvement programs are in high demand. But we have to realize and believe that we are all born with our unique strengths and weaknesses. I will submit that realizing this basic fact will be the starting point for any self-improvement we desired. And it will also change our perspective on how we understand others. It will help us to understand our behaviors and why we behave the way we do. To be your unique self without faking your real person keeps your personality, and the comparisons we make among ourselves. Know your uniqueness and you will live a happier and fulfilling life.

Therefore, in this simple article, we are going to look into some thoughtful simple questions that we all can relate to. I have realized during these years of learning and research how unique every one of us is. I’m me and you are you, and our uniqueness embodies our personality trait, the reason behind our behaviors, and who we are. There is no mix up about this truth. And it is only when we understand our individual uniqueness with the knowledge of our personality traits that we can live happily and content with whom we are and what we do, and don’t do as an individual.

Because of a lack of knowledge of our unique personalities, some of us are struggling to fit into some molds we can’t fit in. For instance, if you are a Melancholy personality, you can’t fit into the lifestyle and behaviors of Mr. or Mrs. Sanguine’s personality, who is always bursting with potential and charm. The point is for you to understand why you are the way you are doing things, the way you do them; it is your core personality.

Be Yourself, And Avoid Imitation Behavior

You can’t imitate another person’s personality and remain original. My advice to you is to just be real. Be who you know you are. Don’t copy Jane or James because both of you are different and therefore have different drives, abilities, and personalities. Or another example that comes to my mind is the two political parties, the Republican and Democrats, if you are a Republican, you can’t behave and talk like a Democrat, because your beliefs and policies and makeups are different, right? When we know this and understand it, our lives will be free from unnecessary frictions. Therefore, my goal in sharing this is to create awareness in you to get acquainted with the real you, and not what everyone else thinks you should be or do or behave. Be you and you will be just fine. Do you have a need for growth and improvement as you develop? Absolutely!

In considering personality traits that we all share as humans, we can for space look at it from a brief personality anonymous by Florence Littauer. She put it in this poetic form;

I’m charming Popular Sanguine, but I’m a compulsive talker

I’m a sensitive Perfect Melancholy, but I get depressed easily

I’m a dynamic Powerful Choleric, but I’m bossy and impatient

I’m an easygoing Peaceful Phlegmatic, but I’m enthusiastic.

I take this to be a very simple way to introduce the personalities, the “but” is pointing to the weakness of each personality. But we are not studying that here. Read slowly the poetic behaviors of the four major personalities listed above and the behaviors attributed to them.

Remember, as we saw in my previous post, we all have a mixture of temperament traits, while every one of us has the dominant and the secondary traits. Hence, we behave in peculiar ways. And that part of the beauty of being authentic.

This is not to make us feel inferior or superior. Not at all. Thank God we all have our doses of strengths and weaknesses Starting from Donald Trump to the least citizen. But the problem is how to identify them, acknowledge them, and to use them appropriately, and control them within and without as to keep our sanity at all times. Ok, let us look into some of our behaviors through these questions.

Questions To Consider

Are you a people-oriented person? That’s do you like to be around people talking, laughing, shaking hands, and backslapping?

  1. Do you like to respond to the needs of others?
  2. Do you love so fast and easily and forget so fast?
  3. Are you so cheerful and responsive to people?
  4. Do you express yourself so freely?
  5. What decision do you decide based on intuition?
  6. Are you good at confronting emergencies?
  7. Do you drive erratically on the express? 
  8. And do you consider yourself an extrovert, always the first to speak up, right?
  9. Are you speed daring? Tailgating, always in a hurry because of many appointments?
  10. Or do you consciously plan your trip well ahead, key up your GPS?
  11. Are you good at keeping a history of your driving, gas, oil consumption, and repairs? Humm.
  12. Shopping Are you a deliberate shopper, you like to compare prices and quality carefully before you buy?
  13. Do you cause traffic jams at the store checkout because of the coupons? Lol. Ph and me.
  14. Do you like or hate yard work?  I have my Sanguine neighbors, their yards are always neat and trimmed and pruned, and attractive, because of their interest in yards work. I know some chloric personality kind who don’t like yard work.  Melancholy personality type like yard work, and like to plant and grow trees and garden in their yard.
  15. , Do you always pay your bills on time?
  16. Are you a slow driver? Maybe people call you grandpa or grandma on the road because of your slow driving? I do. Lol. I’m always the last one to leave an intersection, and I must confess, it is getting slower. I pray that none of you see me driving on the express. Why do I drive the way I do? It has more to do with my personality traits. Our behaviors mostly are byproducts of our personality traits combination.

 I hardly change lanes. But the good news is that I never get a ticket in more than 10 years now! But my family see my driving as a road hazard. My husband gets at least 1–2 tickets every year.

In each of these questions, the behaviors, actions, what it shows or I want us to be aware of is that there is a personality trait manifesting, controlling, or inducing the actions in the person. Just as I told you about my driving, part of it is my personality trait, which is a weakness of that personality. Do you want me to tell you my personality traits? No, I don’t want to. Lol! I want you to guess.

Whoa, I will pause here for today. There is still, have much to share with you. Stay connected and check back next week for more interesting insights about our personality traits and how they affect our behaviors.

Thanks for your patience and interest to be part of this discussion.

As always, your input/questions/comments will be appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Why Are You Behaving The Way You Do? Just Be Real”

  1. You know, I’m glad that I ran into this article. I am currently reading a book on Neuroscience called Livewired by David Eagleman and it emphasizes how the plasticity of our brain and our environments has so much to do with our personalities, abilities, senses, and more. I know you don’t quite go into neuroscience in this article but as I was reading it i saw how it tied well with what I’ve been reading, had to come down here to comment on it! Definitely recommend that book! You learn a lot form it!

    1. Misael, Thanks so much for your valuable comment. Absolutely,  there are substantiated studies on the correlation of brain and environment to personality traits. I live that to “Psychology Today: to discuss. However, thanks for making that connection to that point.

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