Why Are You Worried?

Why Are You Worried?

Are you worried about the situation of things these days? Why are you worried? Are you anxious about tomorrow, about mortgage, rent, car notes, medical bills, children’s school, job security, business growth, relationships problems, and a whole lot of other issues? Why are you worried? Well, you’re not alone. Many people are worried about so many things these days. This article is to help remind you of the futility and effects of worry on your overall well-being. Worry, why are you worried?

It’s because of the spread, and our tendency to mask up our emotional pains instead of seeking proper recovery means that I’m prompted to share my insights and some knowledge from Dale’s tested advice with you. I was once a candidate of worry. But today, I’ve regained my control even before I came across Dale Carnegie’s popular book “How to stop worrying and start living.”

Here is what Dr. Alexis  Careel said about worry. He said that “Those who do not know how to fight worry die young.” On this particular occasion, he was addressing businessmen and women. Today, as entrepreneurs of different levels, we know how steep the challenge of success is and the toll of competition on our emotional health. Why are you worried? May be worried about having a six-figure business in 2021.

Business Worries

Clearly, you may be worried about some lost investments or opportunities. I get that because I have been there also. I know how I felt when I lost a lot of my hard-earned money on wrong investments. And some by lending to people I thought as at the time, will keep to their promise to pay back on the agreed dates, but they never did till date. I knew how worried I was as a result.

When I thought about my losses, and disappointments, betrayals,  over the years, as a human and a woman, I felt the pain.  But the good news is that all these experiences, have led me to some level of personal growth, and a better understanding of life, business, and people generally; which I didn’t have before. It’s like the saying, “what doesn’t make you bitter will make you better. However, in my own case, it made me bitter before I became better!

 I can honestly tell you that such losses caused me some sleepless nights. I was worried. I dwelt in regrets, self-blame, and sadness. I mourn my losses for a period of time. And some of them, because I did not tell anyone, therefore, they did not know why I was feeling downcast during the period and their reactions and criticism of my worries added to my pains.

 Indeed, I was just suffering in silence; but the grace of God helped me to understand that my life is worth far more valuable than anything else. Then gradually I began to self-talk, read some books of interest, read the Bible, and begin to connect with people intentionally… I was able to dugout myself from the self-destructive habit of worry. That’s why I believe that knowing the truth can set one free.

Worried About The Future

On the other hand, when you know what to do to achieve a better result or know the outcome of what is before you, you don’t need to worry and lose sleep over it. Right? But if you are like me, I worry over issues that I’m not sure of what to expect or what to do to get the result I need.

Just like many of us worry about the future because we don’t know what it holds. But obviously, we ought not to at all. We have to live daily, solving the daily problems as they arise, based on today’s knowledge. I think that is a manageable approach to life. Unfortunately, for some people, they are combining this year’s problems with the next year’s problems. And they call it a future plan. So, I know what a horrible emotional pain worry is!

What’s my point here? My point is that we must learn how to brace ourselves to deal with any kind of problems and issues of life that try to harass us, without being overwhelmed with worry.  Learn how to not worry over things you cannot control. Instead, let them go.

Also, learn how to not allow what you can control to dominate your thought negatively. Always learn to put losses and gains in their right place and you will always be in charge. It’s like saying I know how to handle success as well as failure.

We know what our ROI has been since last year. We know how serious the competitions are in our different brands of business. We know all that. Maybe what we don’t know or pay attention to is the tolls of the anxiety, they bring, the restlessness, the emotional drains we go through, in our quest to compete or make ends meet.

 Do you know that many people are having Psychosomatic symptoms, I share this with you in one of my earlier posts? I experienced this some years back. I was a regular patient at my primary care clinic. My doctor was worried because of my unending symptoms, and frequent visits. But thank God things are changing, and every knowledge is getting updated. At least just like Dr. Patel my Primary care doctor did for me, today, many doctors are making great use of psychosomatic medicine to treat their patients.

Thank God he was a wise doctor, he was not medicating me, by prescribing all the Prozsims and prexsims. Instead, he asked me to start fighting my worries, fears, and stressors by identifying them and addressing them accordingly. Actually, he offered me some useful non-medical advice on how to handle most of my syptoms. And as I heed his candid advice, that was the beginning of recovery and a dramatic change. Worry is a silent killer. What are you worried it about? It can drain happiness, pleasure, energy, and motivation out of you.

Why Are You So Worried?

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Undoubtedly, as we see things begin to change as they are, as problems increase, as you see people change or act in some confusing ways; know the truth and hold unto it as you guard your mind. With the experience of disappointments, fears, doubt, and anxiety; learn to hold your mind. Proverbs 4:23, says, “Guard your heart with all diligence, for from it flow springs of life.”

Also, do not lose hope. Speak to your mind as King David said in Psalms 42:5, it says, “Why are thou art thou cast down, O my soul? And why art thou disquieted in me? Hope thou in God…” For you to appreciate the seriousness of what I’m talking about, hear what Plato said during his time Plato said that “the greatest mistakes physicians make is that they attempt to cure the body without attempting to cure the mind.” Isn’t that a stunning remark? Why because our mind is the engine of our body. Keeping healthy, happy, and sound determines our overall healthy life.

I found it fascinating and should be taken seriously. Please, guard your mind against the worry of any kind. Be it business worry, marriage worry, family worry, children worry, job, financial, political, academic, etc.

Keep Your Mind Bussy Productively

This is one of my effective strategies. I mean keeping busy, by making sure that I occupy my time with meaningful activities. Try it and see the difference. Remember, the saying, “An idle brain is the devil’s workshop.” Therefore, do not allow the devil to rent your mind to do its work. Always challenge yourself with the question whenever you’re worried to ask yourself, “Why are you worried? And what can you do to stop it?

Evidently, I believe that life will improve better, faster, if and when negative emotions of worry, fear, hate, frustrations, are being addressed early by minimizing their effects on our lives. In these days of Covid-19, bad politics, economic burdens, family losses, relationship challenges, many are becoming casualties. Even the most stolid person can be affected by worry. Try to avoid it by all means!

Think and live positively. Be content with what you already have while you’re still following your dreams. Also, use your time productively. Have a gratitude journal, if you can’t recollect it all. I have developed myself to the point that I know what gives meaning to my life and what doesn’t. Therefore, I’m thankful to God every day!

Some Worry Conditions  

For instance, Carnegie Dale gave the story of Dr. Russell L. Cecil, a world-recognized authority on arthritis. The doctor has this to say about the conditions that cause arthritis: He listed the following four conditions:

  1. Financial disaster and grief
  2. Loneliness and worry
  3. Marital shipwreck
  4. Long-cherished resentments. I believe there are so many other conditions or causes of worry. Even though we react differently to circumstances based on our personalities’ traits.

 I ask us this question,  does this sound familiar? It does to me.

Another doctor also said that worry can cause tooth decay. Lol. When I inquired further, the study had it that bitter emotions caused by worry, fear, nagging, can upset the body’s calcium balance and cause tooth decay, according to –Dr. McGonigle.

Let me share this with you to drive home, all I have been rambling about here. This is a story shared by Dale Carnegie copied from a doctor’s office wall. It reads, “The most relaxing recreating forces are a healthy religion, sleep, music, and laughter. Have faith in God … learn to sleep well. Love good music see the funny side of life. And health and happiness will be yours.”  I say Amen and Amen!

Final Tip

Final, tip, after reading this, if you consider it worth your time, please, go to your mirror, if you know you are worry-prone like me, look at yourself in the mirror, as you see the lines on your look, or the scowl forming, and wrinkles, talk to yourself on the mirror address yourself by name and say this,  “stop this worry! Enough is enough. Say it loud and mean it by acting on it daily.

To stop worrying over things you can’t control. For instance, you can’t control the weather, the stock market, your spouse, or your adult children’s behaviors or control another driver’s behavior on the road.  What can you control? — You can control your own reaction?

Definitely, worry, as I have alluded all the while, has so many effects on our minds that spills over to physical symptoms, such as pains, headaches, fatigue, loss of appetite or much of appetite, insomnia, inactiveness, procrastination, bitterness, ungratefulness, and regrets. Unfortunately, I can’t explain the effects in detail here.

 If you have or having a chronic symptom of any of the above-mentioned symptoms, please, seek medical advice. But one doctor has stated that 70% of patients who come to see physicians could treat themselves if they only got rid of their fears and worries. Think about that for a second! Why are you worried? Nobody has ever solved any problem by worry. If there has been Dale Carnegie would have been among the people to find out.

According to this doctor, he calls them nervous indigestion. For instance, things like stomach ulcers, insomnia, headaches, emotional disturbances, can be avoided if we learn how to handle situations in life. The fact is that these sicknesses are real, but are equally avoidable based on our emotional health.

Today, so many people around the world, are losing their minds. People are suffering, hurting, and being hunted and suppressed by selfish leaders. Many are suffering nervous breakdowns, including here in the US.

I’m prompted to write this short post, to alert you, or send the warning that worry kills gradually, and you must do the best you know how to avoid it. https://www.nicoledieker.com/2019/08/27/book-review-how-to-stop-worrying-and-start-living-by-dale-carnegie/

In conclusion, I want to ask this rhetorical question, do you love life? Let me put it in more direct form, do you love your life? I believe you do because I do too. That’s why I’m learning, and paying attention to things that matter. So, since we love our lives, let us pay attention to our inner peace. Let us nourish our minds with the tips suggested earlier. Word of faith, love, good music, laughter, forgiveness, sleep, relaxation, and so forth. Avoid unnecessary worry by all means, if you want to live a healthy and long life.

 I hope you find this post useful. If you do, please, give me your feedback, and help me share it with others. Peace Be Still!

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