So many people without a doubt are dealing with all kinds of hidden fears. Even some people in top positions are not exempt from some kind of hidden fears. Let me just give one of the reasons why some people are dealing with hidden fears. The fear of change, fear of job insecurity these days as a result of the COVID-19 economic disruption is hitting hard on families, some workers, companies, businesses, and people are fearing and genuinely concerned about how they will recover from the losses. Apart from the present fear of COVID, there are so many workers, businesses, who are equally afraid of keeping up with the rapid technological changes.

Hidden Fear About The Future

Many people are afraid of what the future holds for them, in their jobs, careers, investments, and so forth, because even the futurists’ experts, just like in the case of this Pandemic, are becoming confused and perplexed. Many people are not sure what the future holds for their jobs, and the positions they occupied, or even personal business, no doubt it is a situation that calls for panic, anxiety, and despair.

But will any of such feelings change the reality? No. In as much as some people resist change, but the only cautionary and productive way is to prepare ahead of time, to embrace any kind of change that may take place and adapt to it Then, we have to guide our minds with all diligence during challenging times such as this period we are in now. Fear of change is real and has hindered many from taking action to change their lives.

Fear of Failure

Another hidden fear for so many of the senior workers, despite the position they hold at their jobs, is the fear of failure of not meeting the company’s or organization’s expectations. As a result of insecurity, and fear of failure in our jobs, many have to make huge sacrifice some in the process becomes workaholics, exhausted, stressed, tensed, emotionally and spiritually drained, unhappy, and the ultimate result is dissatisfaction and feelings of failure within. https://www.verywellmind.com/fears-of-failure-and-success-2671684

My advice, try not to let your security be built on something that can be taken away from you without your control. Give your best effort to your job and to whatever things are worth doing, but do not allow it to ruin your health and relationships. Let there be life after work.

Fear Of Change

When do you think of the change that really goes through your mind as a worker, entrepreneur, parent, citizen? It’s important that you address the question based on your personal experience and circumstances.

As I stated earlier that change is said to be the only constant in life. I believe many of us have used that statement before? What does it mean in the actual sense ? How to Develop Courage to Handle Life’s Challenges

In life, every one of us will go through change, maybe some are already in the season of change in their lives, while some may be entering their own season of change. The fact that is that change is what nobody is immune to. Change is constant. It is the only thing in life that can be predictable in the sense that it must happen. That’s why we have seasonal changes, weather change, behavioral change, economic change, and the rest of the changes we list.  But for the briefness of this discussion, let us talk about the three kinds of changes.

The Kinds Of Changes

Yes, as humans, we experience change at different stages of our lives, and each stage and season of our lives have the potential for bringing us closer to our dreams or taking us away from them, all depends on how or poorly we handle the seasons. We have to face the challenge of a career change, family responsibility, once you are married and blessed with a child or children, that brings change to the family responsibility.

 I remember working with a very young boy in Geodis, he looked so tired and flushed, I asked him Anthony are you Ok? He said no, I’m not I have not had good sleet for the past 2 days. I said why are sleep deprived? He started narrating to me his family responsibilities, his children’s health issues, and so forth. I really empathized with him. But jokingly, I told him, that have children is a blessing that comes with responsibility, which is supposed to be planned for, and not to produce them as products. He laughed at my joke, but agreed with me that it’s very true. Ok, before I derailed off, let consider the 3 types of changes

3 Kinds Of Change  

1.      Anticipated change, can you give some examples of this?

My example of this kind of change will include major life events like getting married, childbirth because it should be expected it should not come by surprise if it is a good one too.

2.      Unexpected change,  Here, a good example can be the COVID-19 Pandemic that took the whole world by surprise, when nobody expected such disruption of activities. Apart from this which is another example, can we classify it as an unexpected change in life? Well, we can include such as emergency surgery, illness, loss of a job, disability by accident, divorce, etc. Unexpected change disrupts one’s life in so many ways. It can hit so hard that the individual, family, organization, or government even the world can never be the same again.

3.       No change, Can we think of an example of this category of change in life? Let’s consider unmet dreams, things we had hoped and expected to happen but they didn’t happen. It could be a married couple who have expected to have their biological child, it could be the plan of owning a home, or having a good marriage. Things we anticipated to take place in one’s life, could be healed, a business breakthrough. This category of change, causes disappointment, discouragements, feeling of failure, and hopelessness leading to depression.

how do we handle changes? And what do you think should be your best approach to handle any category of change in your life?

Changes have the capacity to affect our sense of security in many ways and for many people. Even when the change is seen as positive, it still has the element of stress that comes with it, while the negative changes, as the world, are experiencing at this moment can rip so many people’s heart’s out.

If it is not handled with courage, wisdom, and hope, and trust in God, and a strong foundation that is built not built on fleeting things of life, many will lose their minds.

But always remember that change is said to be inevitable, expect it at any stage in life and face it positively, as to get the best at the end.  Have courage, understanding, ask for help when you feel you need help. Life can be tough, don’t face it alone. We believe that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. So remain courageous!!!.


  1. Great article. I think everyone is afraid of change at some point in their lives, but the fact is we are always changing. Nothing is ever really still, even if we think it is. I remember when I was a kid I didn’t want to grow up, now I’m an adult I don’t want to get old. I look at my baby and don’t want him to grow up but it’s no good trying to hold on too tightly. We have to let things flow in their own time and learn to let go. It’s a big skill but that is life and we can’t change it so we should just get on board and enjoy the ride.

    1. Debbie, thanks so much for your valuable comment on my post.T believe that the concept of change is worth our effort to be aware of both in our personal lives, business, and relationships. Without one facing changes, there will be no growth or progress. Old things must give away for new things.
      I love the paradoxical example you gave (lol), that was hilarious.
      I thank God your baby must have grown by now or is growing as expected right?
      It is my wish that all of us to learn the skills that will help us to face changes in any phase of life and business.
      Thanks once again for the great input!

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