Why Do People Make Excuses?

Why Do People Make Excuses, And Not Take Responsibility?

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If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.” — Maya Angelou.

Do you know that making excuses instead of taking action hinders progress in life? Do you want to see significant progress or improvements in every area of your life? Then the key is to stop making excuses and start taking steady actions to change things in your life, family, business, and group. Life is about choice. Are you making excuses or taking responsibility? In this article, we are going to find out some reasons people make excuses. Everyone can make excuses, but the fact is that excuses do not get things done.

Why Do We Make Excuses?

 It will be wonderful if so many of us can comply with the above quote by Maya Angelou. Life is tough we all know that and dealing with people is a complex business. More so, understanding ourselves is equally hard. Dealing with these three challenges has led so many people with a complaint and excuse living mentality. But the goal of this article is to encourage you to face your challenges. You don’t have to become addicted to excuses, you can make progress which results in improvements in your life and others.

I believe that if you have a passion for living, it will trump your excuses. Let’s take a quick look at where you have been and contrast it from where you can be or want to be. Often time, I can’t help to feel so sad with what is happening to our teenager in particular. Most of these energetic boys and girls are feeling helpless and some even hopeless about their life. Many of them had wonderful dreams earlier, but today, as if such areas have disappeared. Some, because of poor life coping skills, can no longer cope with the demands of today’s life once they graduate from high school. Some have become addicted to making excuses, using drugs, alcohol, and other momentary pleasures to suppress the pains, fear, future uncertainty lack of self-motivation to sift through their high and low feelings. I know of a girl who was an honor roll student during her high school; this girl had the ambition of becoming a medical doctor. For whatever battle she was fighting inside, she has dropped her dream. She becomes demotivated, lost her enthusiasm, now sleeps all day, with no energy, and she is making all kinds of excuses, pushing the blame for her family, it’s about 8 years now since she graduated from high school. Can you imagine?

There is a different lifestyle possible for you to experience when you become passionate about pursuing your dream in life than making excuses. Everyone has an excuse, including President Trump. For instance, some have an excuse for why they couldn’t graduate from high school, college, or university. We got it! Making excuses instead of taking responsibility is a self-defeating habit that should be avoided at any stage. Excuse making as a habit can hold you back, but you just don’t know or believe the effects your excuse-making habit has on you.

  • The Excuses People Make and Why
  1. Some people are making excuse why they can’t learn anything new. What’s their thinking or excuse, Like my spouse, he will tell say that you can’t teach an old dog a new trick. I don’t think that’s the case. People can learn something new, but it could take more time at a certain age.
  2. Some make excuses why they prefer to be outside their home all the time, even when the kids or spouse crave their company. What excuse does the person make, that their house is noisy, disorderly, and kids unruly, spouse nags, hmmm, excuse!
  3. I wanted to start the diet this week, but … But what? maybe you have many favorites foodstuff stocked up in the fridge, and can’t afford to miss your favorites fries and chocolate and Berena ice cream still loaded in the fridge.
  4. I’m feeling sick. You are sick of what? Because you are trying to avoid a hard task at home or at work, therefore you better fake it.
  5. I need to start an online business, but I don’t have the time yet, I don’t know where to start; I don’t think it is for me… This is the excuse still holding thousands back from starting the online business they know they need to change their financial situation.
  6. Planning always to change something, but not willing or ready to take action. What is the excuse? Well, there is still time, time will tell.
  7. Procrastinating, the excuse for procrastination is because it helps you to avoid arduous tasks or give you time to watch your favorite shows.
  8. Waiting for the world to return to normal, a good excuse for some to put off things during this Pandemic time, and blame the situation on everything else or everyone else or the COVID-19. These and more are some ways and behaviors that are keeping some people from facing the issues in their lives and making changes when and where necessary.

Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.”

Excuses Are The Reason Things Don’t Get Done

Very many of us have an excuse for why they missed the opportunities while they were young Some of us have our reasons they could not pursue their dream career. Some may have an excuse for why they have not fallen in love or don’t want to be in a relationship again. Some have an excuse why they carry excess weight, or why they look skinny like me… lol. Also, many have excuses why their job is not satisfying, why their marriage suck, or children, or parents suck. We make excuses for why we don’t want to nourish our spiritual life. WHY DO PEOPLE FEAR CHANGE

Others may have an excuse why they never start their dream business, or why the business they started is not growing. One of the pathetic excuses is when somebody has an excuse for why he or she doesn’t see the need for change. Remember, I said that everybody has an excuse, so don’t feel embarrassed or take it personally. Instead, ask yourself, what is my excuse? What is keeping me from discovering my purpose in life? Why is it that nothing seems to move in my life the way it ought to? What can I do to improve myself?

“You can make money, or you can make excuses.

You can’t make both at the same time”.

I want to suggest to you that this is the best time to face whatever problems or challenges facing you and let the excuses begone. Find out from yourself, what steps you can take from today to drop those self-defeating excuses and to stand up to take control of your life and future. We are here to learn to reason and to find answers to our questions. Having the mindset of a learner will benefit us rather than a closed mindset. The difference between those who have succeeded in life despite their circumstances and those who fail is the actions each took or did not take to change his or her situation. Problems are not meant to destroy us, we are meant to learn from them and grow from the experience. That’s how we mature and gain confidence, not by making excuses and looking for scapegoats. https://www.humanunlimited.com/blogs/blog/69655939-don-t-make-excuses-make-progress

Why All The Excuses Then?

Excuses often tie us down, or up. It makes us to rationalize our weaknesses instead of facing our weaknesses and to find the courage to improve our lives. Excuses make us save face in some situations, while the problem remains unresolved. It is like telling lies to get out of trouble. Instead of getting out of trouble, you double your troubles. Why do we build our lives with what I call excuse barb-wire? We tell people why we haven’t returned their calls, emails, or text messages, we blame it on lack of time, right? I know many people who have built their entire lifestyle based on excuses. Do you know what is interesting about the excuses we make, is that our true person, our inner life, does not validate them. Why? Because right inside of us is the ability to revolt against whatever that wants to hold us back from fulfilling our dreams in life. Why do people make excuses? May be to remain in their comfort zone, to cover up, and because of complacent behaviors.

Do Something About The Excuses Holding You Back

Do not allow any kind of excuse you have or have lived with all these while to hold you back any longer. Shake things up. I am speaking like this because I have been there. I know how we can rationalize one ugly life experience to use it to hold us down. For instance, we know that we need to forgive people, forgive our friend, spouse, co-worker, but we make excuses why we can’t let go of the offense. We refuse to forgive and make excuses that the person will feel that you are weak, or the one at fault. For many, there’s always a good reason not to find a reason to forgive, to love, to trust again, or to have fun, or even to worship God. It could be anything, that is why it is being said that it is not what happened to you in life that matters, rather your reaction to what happened to you.

Take Responsibility And Let Excuses Be Gone

In conclusion, I recommend that you attempt to let every excuse be gone. Listen to your inner voice. Recognize that it is your life and future are on hold when you’re not taking responsibility or consistent action to improve on whatever circumstances you found yourself. Therefore, determine never to give up on yourself by living comfortably with bad habits of constant excuse-making. Don’t allow the ugly life experiences to hold you back from achieving your life vision, to achieve financial freedom, emotional freedom, and spiritual freedom. Be engaged, find free training on how to find true purpose and freedom. How to use your passion to fulfill your purpose for life. See yourself as capable of fulfilling your dreams. See yourself that you deserve good health, success, and happiness. Take the action and quit making excuses, since excuse will never pay your bills! Why do people make excuses? Don’t be among those who do. https://www.the-coaching-academy.com/blog/5-reasons-why-we-make-excuses-771.asp

Thanks for reading this, even making no excuse of how lengthy and rambled it is lol.

4 thoughts on “Why Do People Make Excuses?”

  1. This is a very beautiful way for me to get inspired. Everybody in life wants to get advanced and move to another better level which is true. Eben the richest people still want more money to what they already have which shows that improvement and advancement is just a a part of life we have to accept. I feel like I need to quit those excuse and procastination and do what I should do become a better person.

    1. Suz, Thanks for stopping by to offer your kind comment to this article. Your’re right, there’s always room for improvement in any areas of life. But the problem is that some people just don’t make use of the opportunities to improve; instead they resort to excuse making as an escape route. The truth is that for anybody wishing to be anything in life, you only achieve your dreams by taking actions towards achieving the dream.

  2. I objectively believe or rather am of the opinion that procrastination and making excuses, slacking off among other things are really dangerous habits that crush the business mindset and mentality of most people. The ability to be complacent in whatever situation you find yourself in without any attempts to make improvements to yourself or environment is really sad. 

    1. Beesean, thanks for stopping by, and for your input. You’re right, making excuses, and putting off what needs to be done, and waiting for a perfect future, will only lead to regrets, and failure. Somebody says that excuse can’t pay your bills, but making money will.

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