Hi, everyone, and welcome to Motivation For Actions site! I feel honored to have you here. I’m really excited about your visiting this site. This site is a kind of door that can lead to very important areas for your life and family, through the information, resources, and tools you will find here.

A Bit About This Site

For many years I have resisted the idea of leaving my comfort zone which involved living a very private quiet lifestyle. As a very shy introvert, I dreaded anything that puts me in the spotlight. Yet within me, I have a desperate desire to be free from fear, self-doubt, shyness, and other limitations as I perceived them to be as to use my gift to serve people in a more meaningful way.

Just to make the long story short, I have gained my freedom from fear, self-doubt, and other self-talking limitations to serve in this online platform. It is quite liberating to me for this opportunity to accept my soul calling. You reading this is evidence that I have finally come out of my comfort zone of self-protection and private lifestyle to the open for service to humanity.

What’s the Mission?  My mission is to motivate, inspire, and to encourage people, who are struggling in any area of their life’s journey. By offering people the tested principles of life and tools used for successful living.

The motivation for the actions’ mission is the service of showing empathy, encouragement, and sharing hope to human sufferings. To encourage people to take real actions to unleash their God-given potentials which are buried for lack of self-motivation, and bold action-taking.

The Motivation For Actions For Change is a vision placed in my heart through the many years of working with people of different backgrounds, faith, beliefs, economic status, who have different kinds of limitations or disabilities? My work experiences/educational background in Human Services/Psychology had broadened my understanding of human needs and behaviors. And it is this awareness that has inspired my ability to inspire people with the hope and courage to help them look inward for the abilities to live to aspire for change in any area of their lives.

From my personal experience, I know what struggles, pains, disappointments, betrayals, losses, and sufferings feel like because I have experienced all. But the good news is that I have equally experienced the love and grace of God that heals and transforms life and that is my core motivation in motivating others to achieve the same freedom.

Also my Dear daddy a faith-oriented man who thought to me “that a good name is better than riches”.

Again, this site is equally dedicated to upholding the legacy of my beloved late parents. Who thought me exemplary living about what matters most in life. My beloved mother Late Mrs. Agnes Nwosu had a huge influence on my life and the life of others. My mother touched the heart of so many people with her love, empathy, peaceful character, and generosity, before she peacefully left this world in January of 2018, to be with her creator.

My mother always encourages me to keep on doing the good deeds, quoting that we will only be remembered by what we have done. While my late father’s quote for us was that “a good name is more desirable than great riches, that to hold in high esteem is better than silver or gold and he will refer us to Proverbs 22:1. As you can see, the impact and influence of Godly parents can never be forgotten.



2 thoughts on “WHY I CARE”

  1. Sarah AJ it is great to read the reason for you taking the challenge of this journey. Sharing your truth is to be applauded, as we step up our of the comfort zone. A gift to humanity is what we are. Sharing our calling with the world, in order to inspire just one heart.
    I thank you for sharing and look forward to your unfolding journey.
    In Empowerment
    Anthea xo

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