Why It’s Important to Set Goals

Why it’s Important to Set Goals

Many people desire to be successful in their personal lives, business, family, and hobbies. Only a few people realize that having the right goals will help them reach their dreams of living the best life possible.

You can have personal goals in any area of your life. These could be health-related, financial-related, or just to make a difference in the world. 

To live a happy, successful life, you must prioritize sleep, practice mindfulness, and keep in touch with old friends.

Imagine what it would be like to have a list of incredible goals you could start today and keep pursuing until the end. 

How would you feel?

Realize that there is no destination for your life, but only a path to follow to your own success. This post will show you how to achieve your goals in various areas such as finance, health, and creativity.

Here are 11 life goals that you can build upon to have a great life and personal growth.

1. Pursue Equanimity in Yourself

Although many people seek happiness, wealth, and health for themselves, essential goals in life are usually achieved through equanimity.

Equanimity can be defined as a state of peak calmness and composure despite all the challenges life throws at you. You will find that you can be equanimous in even the most stressful situations.

It is important to put yourself in difficult situations repeatedly to improve your equanimity. You will find that what used to scare you gradually becomes routine.

2. Travel as Often as You Can

It is common to talk about travel being a gateway into the soul. However, it can be challenging to see how true this is until you have actually done it.

You don’t have to travel to another country to be a Buddhist monk for one year. Travel can be as simple as a weekend in an unfamiliar place in your country. You can travel to meet new people and cultures, and grow as a person.

3. Consider a class that interests you but is not relevant to your career.

You are passionate about improving your life and making it better. This is why you love learning new things and feeling productive.

Sometimes you can get too focused on your career and lose sight of what sets you on fire. It’s easy to forget all the hobbies that you had before “life got in your way.”

Take a class you love or are interested in taking that doesn’t relate to work. It will bring back the sparkle in your life and make you feel more refreshed when it’s time to return to work.

4. Practice Mindfulness

It is rare for things that are hyped to live up to expectations. Mindfulness is a notable exception. For a long time, people have been talking about mindfulness. Its roots date back to early Buddhism. 

The benefits of mindfulness were only anecdotal until recently. However, scientific evidence now supports its effectiveness. 

Mindfulness is most effective if it is done daily, even if for only ten minutes. Simply sit comfortably and pay attention to the world around you and your thoughts. This sounds easy, but it is highly effective.

5. Accept life as it is, not what you think it should be

A lot of times, things won’t go your way as planned. It’s futile to fight it. Accept and embrace what life has in store for you as part of your life goals. 10 Ways To Avoid Failure In Life

If you become obsessed with what your life should look like, you will drown in your failures and expectations. This is a surefire way to live a life filled with frustration and disappointment.


Life is a symphony of many notes and melodies. Stopping and replaying just one note can ruin the whole experience.

6. Live Now

The root cause of most human suffering is living in the present or the future. Regrets over what you should do or worries about what to do are often the roots of unnecessary negative emotions.

It’s easy to forget that the moment is all you have. All of your thoughts and experiences have taken place in the “now.”

Therefore, it makes sense to set one of your goals for life now because this is where the best life happens.

7. Run for 5 Miles

Running is an excellent habit anyone can pick up, even if they don’t reach the goal. You should include it on your to-do list.

8. For one minute, do a deep squat

This might seem like an easy goal to achieve because it is so simple for tiny babies. But it is a good idea!

Some people can do it easily, but many others struggle to reach deep enough or lose balance once they get in a deep squat.

A deep squat for at least 30 seconds a day can help you improve your balance, ankle, knee, lower back, core mobility, and stability.

9. Eat for 80% Health and 20% Pleasure

A certified dietician sharing her personal diet is one of the most valuable pieces of advice I have ever received. She eats 80% to maintain her health and 20% for fun.

She eats 80% of food she knows is healthy for her, even though she might not like it. The remaining 20% are foods she loves, regardless of how bad they may be for her.

This is one of life’s best health goals. It recognizes the importance of the majority, but it also acknowledges the need to enjoy the good stuff from time to time.

10.  Drink of everything & more of water

While things like soda, coffee, and protein shakes can make you more productive, you must remember to drink water.

Drinking at least two glasses of water a day is important for your health, as more than half of your body is made up of H2O. This is especially true since your body uses water in all its cells, tissues, and organs. It also plays a vital role in many essential processes.

11. Prioritize Sleep

Slowly, the “no-sleep culture” of hustling is disappearing. With it comes a new appreciation for sleep, our oldest biological friend.

Every day, the literature about the importance of sleep is expanding, making it easier for even the most hard-working entrepreneurs to prioritize some shut-eye.

Research has shown that sleep can improve learning and decrease depression risk. Napping has even been proven to be an excellent way to combat some of the adverse effects of poor sleep.


Setting goals keeps you motivated and offers you something to focus on. With the 11 important goals above, you’ll be able to stay on the right path toward achieving long-lasting success.

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  1. These can all be helpful and useful goals to focus on. I read a  book once by Stephen R. Covey and he had a lot of good advice. I remember he said to imagine what kind of life you want in terms of family, peace etc, and then make all decisions asking, “does this support my final goals” and if it doesn’t, then don’t do it, buy it, or pursue it.

    1. AL.S. thank you so much for your valuable comment. Yes, Stephen R. Covey is a very popular author, I have read a few of his books.

      Thanks again. Have a blessed month!

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