Why Resilience Matters

“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up.”   VINCE LOMBARDI

Resilience is very crucial in the journey of life. It is so important because as adults, we all face challenges.  Why resilience matters is because sometimes we let our failures consume or overwhelm our minds, to the point of absolute discouragement.

Of course, as humans, we encounter difficulties, setbacks, disappointing experiences, in relationships, career, health, you name it. We experience circumstances that can bend our necks. During such periods of testing, the only energy we have is stored in the reservoir of resilience. That is the ability of the mind to be resolute in the midst of difficulty, hardship, failure, or loss.  If we are not resilient and allows the spirit of discouragement, once it gets hold of our minds, we find it difficult to get up to take the next step; the person will lose enthusiasm.

Psychologically, resilience is defined as the quality which allows a person or a group to be knocked down by adversities, without remaining down, but gets up and dust off the stains, pains, and fears. The resilient person rather than allowing difficult or testing times to define him or her will source the energy within to overcome whatever the challenge and heal fast from it without giving up hope.

Another meaning of resilience is the ability to adapt calmly, and confidently to life’s negative circumstances. These negative circumstances or setbacks can include divorce, death of a loved one, failure, tragedy, disaster, betrayal by a close friend, business failure, ministry failure, election loss, and more list. Why We Need Courage

Just as we see eagles soar, it does not just happen. It is built on the nature and quality of the eagle’s mind. For some of us, resilience will be possible if we can learn how to think things through clearly, and courageously. Nobody can claim that he or she can ooze out of any trouble or difficult situations without the strong mental efforts to see beyond the obstacles.

A resilient person sees problems, setbacks, failures, obstacles with the eyes of faith. Today, you may be facing a challenge with your health, job, business, studies, relationship, family, and it is as if one mind is urging you to surrender, drop the guard, what’s the need of fighting so hard and losing at the end. Well, I encourage you not to give up.

As you put on a resilient mind!; believe that you can get through the challenges. No matter how tough, provided you are determined to make it to the end. Make it a forward ever and backward never belief. Because you’re not a quitter. You have a dream to change your situation, to see something good out of any bad situation.

Resilience Affects Your Belief.

I tell you, that was my situation by April – May, this year. I found my resolve tested to all most the point of giving up on my business, and on some important relationships. I was going through stuff, to the point that my heart was almost failing me. But through the vision I have for my life, family, and God I have to sum up courage, to say to myself, no way, I shall not give up, and I shall not fail, but succeed to give my testimony someday. This is my way of nurturing a resilient mind. And the reason why being resilient matters, because it will sustain your confidence and your hope for a better tomorrow.

If not for that decision, that spirit of resilience you wouldn’t have been reading this article today. This site would have been a closed site. The belief I’m talking about here has to do with you having a strong belief in yourself, call it confidence, belief in God, and in others who can be of help to you in any way. For you to go through life testing times, without giving up, is why resilience matters. For without a resilient mind it will be tough to bounce back after experiencing some very tragic events.

 You have to believe that whatever challenges you face, that other people are facing a similar thing. Nobody has it all together at all times. Refusing to give in to cynicism, and self-doubt blames, regrets, is the best mindset to develop to enable you to overcome. https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/determination

Your ability to know how life works, and to understand that there are many successful people whom you hear of their great success, fame, and power who were where you are today, but because they understood why resilient matter, they persisted and did not give up on their dreams; hence we hear their stories. I can’t over-stress the importance of being resilient.

Why resilient matters is a discovery you need to make based on your circumstances. You have to make your mind what you will make out of every challenge you, either to be a hero or a victim. Much of the things I have said in this article are aimed at showing how we all can rise above our tough situations when being stretched. Therefore, while on this journey called life, let us recognize that we still have the natural and some supernatural elements in us.

One of the reasons resilience matters is because it Stretches the mind to its capacity to endure hardship without losing hope: Your capacity to be stretched beyond your comfort zone is a mark of growth. If you can develop the ability to be willing to stretch yourself thin, by resisting to give up, to quit in the midst of your battle, big or small is victory.

Let me conclude with the following comments, I want to encourage you to acquire the mindset of a learner. Learn from the experiences you’re going through. Let every day count for your determination and discipline. Remain resilient. And know that, despite how chaotic the world is today, despite the many miseries, yet there’s still plenty of everything and hope.

 Fight like a soldier, life is a battle, be sober, be vigilant. Let each day have its little achievement, something that adds towards your intended goals. Try to connect with other people of goodwill. Share, be accessible, don’t isolate yourself from others where you can draw some energies. There is a benefit in accountability as you determine to stick it out. Believe that there is no situation, circumstances that you are not capable of overcoming with the help of the Divine. That’s why resilience matters!

4 thoughts on “Why Resilience Matters”

  1. So true, we sometimes have that much pressure or stress from different interactions that we see no light at the end of the tunnel. Walking I have found to be good therapy for mental stress. It helps clear the mind, or at least helps us put things into perspective. 

    It doesn’t make our problems disappear but at least it can give our mind quite time to thing through our problems and walk back to our “devils den” with a different attitude, and a better ability to work through our problems one step at a time.  

    1. Hi Micheal, thanks so very much for your valuable input on this article. You’re absolutely right to know that life these days is filled with pressure. It is unfortunate that everybody seems to be trapped in the rat race. That’s quite an insane way to live a healthy and joyful life. 

      That’s why I have always advised people to live life with a clear purpose, and for you as Micheal, to define what success means to you. Do not allow anyone else or even society to define it for you. That’s the reason why people are living under unnecessary pressure. 

      Because of greediness, love of money, and the things that money can buy people are living in bondage. Look at how many people are living in plenty, still no contentment, no peace of mind, no joy. Because the soul is longing for something deeper and richer than money and possessions.  Spirit soul and body must be in harmony before a man can find fulfillment.  However, whatever dream we are pursuing, we have to be resilient, because definitely, the tough times and unforeseen circumstances can challenge your resolve. 

      Hope to get more of your comments. Visit https://motivationforactions.com  and you can check out some of the interesting articles. 

  2. Hi there! What a great article you have shared here. I found it very inspiring and uplifting too. I must say sometimes it becomes very difficult to stand up again and move forward, but difficult as it may be, you must have faith that this is only a phase, it will pass through and things will be okay again. I feel very encouraged after reading this post, I hope it helps me stay positive forever. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. Kokontala, thank you so much for your candid comment. You’re absolutely right by saying “You must have faith. It is faith that feeds any resilient mind. By faith, one can subdue every obstacle, crush every giant, and step into his or her promised land. Men and women of faith have always changed their situations for the better. So shall me and you.  I’m to see that you have a positive disposition. Keep it up. You will make it!

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