You Need Motivation


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I want to encourage you today, that no matter what you are going through, to keep believing that your tomorrow can be better than your today. Never loose hope. Believe in yourself, and also believe in the divine sovereignty. Believe in yourself and believe in others, no matter who have betrayed you or disappointed you in the past. I feel a burden in my spirit, seeing people not living their potentials because of ignorance or past experiences. Be willing seek change, to grow, improve and to succeed in life. Refused to be stopped!

That’s why I just want to share this short article to reach out to someone today to encourage and motivate the person to keep taking actions that leads to change – success. Forget about whatever that makes you feel insecure. Realize that everyone needs motivation. Find out what you can do to help someone else, be it a friend, colleague, partner, family member, parents anybody at all.

Remember, that your relationship with anybody can only be as healthy, happy, and honest as you are. But at the same time, be a person of wisdom. When you have wisdom, it will guide you in every area of your life’s endeavors.

What Will Motivation Do For Anyone?

“ What does motivation do for anyone?

Here are what Motivation does and more:

“Motivation helps people who know what commitment they should make … to make it! It helps you to take actions that lead to change.

“Motivation helps people who know what habit they should break …to break it! No matter how hard the habit, once you’re motivated to break or work on a particular habit, it will get done. If you decide to deal with the habit with consistent action it will be gotten rid of.

“Motivation helps people who know what path they should take … to take it!

It is Motivation that makes it possible for you to keep focused as to accomplish what you want to accomplish.

Offer Value To People

Motivation also work very well for our relationships. It is a common knowledge, to understand that some people are difficult to get along with. They are difficult to relate to or relate with. While in the other hand, we have people who add to us, they make us feel drawn to them, their words and actions motivate us. And as a result we feel drawn to them, regardless of age or gender. because they are source of encouragement, love or positive energy. You can be that to another person too. We have to form a winning attitude.

 While in the other hand, we have some people because of their words and actions, we feel withdrawn from them. Why because, their words or way of life does not add to us instead, it subtract from us. We try to avoid some certain individuals, based on their behaviors.

Each Day Is A New Opportunity To Take Action To Do Better

My encouragement for you and me is to think and ask what positive, encouraging thing can I say or do to any one today?  How can I say something encouraging to another person to make him or her feel valued, respected, and appreciated? The truth is that everyone needs motivation from time to time. Therefore, be an encourager, a motivator, and do not underestimate the power of motivation in your life and others. Are you feeling discouraged? Are you loosing your zest for living? Be encouraged. Keep believing and keep motivated, and hope for better.

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6 thoughts on “You Need Motivation”

  1. Lately, with the business I’m running, I’ve been feeling very down and not sure if I should continue on my journey. I’m glad I’ve run into this website and this article. It has brought up my spirit today, I can definitely say that it takes time and I just need patience. Thank you so much for the motivation you provide to readers such as myself, I wish you the best

    1. Misael, thanks for your candid comment. I can relate to your feeling of despair or being down-cast. All I can tell you is to not to be too hard on yourself. Find out things you can do outside your normal routine just to get a fresh energy. You need the motivation, the positive energy of hope, courage, perseverance to continue in your journey. I believe that you’ve gone far to quit now. Also, in the success journey, winners don’t quit no matter what, and quitters don’t win. So find some internal motivation, hang out with people who can motivate you and nurture your mind at this critical stage of your journey. Keep focusing on your dream, and appreciate how far you’ve achieved, you will eventually get to your success destination. Give it time!

      Remain positive, you can handle it>


  2. People are faced with various situations they could have them break down and that is not as easy to get out of as some people may see it. We all have a different level of strength to deal with situations and seeing motivations online world help slot of people do better in their hard times and that is why I appreciate motivations 

    1. Justin, you’re absolutely right, of so many people being faced with various situations. Many are struggling with issues of life. they feel stuck, as a result of the negative situations, they are being affected mentally, physically, financially, and so forth. It is a bad situation out there for a lot of folks. As you rightly said, we all don’t have the same coping strength. It’s based on this understanding, that I write most of my article, to offer words of encouragement to people. 

      I want to motivate them, to reframe whatever situation they’re in at the moment, and begin to speak hope and courage to their mind. If they can trust that they have what it takes to succeed, and if the person can lift himself or herself up and dust off the spirit of discouragement, regrets, disappointments, resentments, and every other negative emotions that weighs the mind down, there is hope. It’s a matter of time and the actions being taken to change situation of things.

      Thanks for your candid comment.


  3. A very good post that serves as a clear enlightenment to me on why we need motivation. I like it and I like the way you explained what motivation is and how we can get it too. For me, it serves as a push for me to keep going and to go for success. There are so many people who have received motivation from people around them and gotten success and this is one thing that those in sports always use too.

    1. Hi Suz, thanks so much for giving your valuable input. There’s to pretense about it, people need to be successful. We all want to be effective and feel happy with what we do. But as we’ve equally experienced, we have other competing forces trying to pull us back and get us out of our focus. Because I know it and how it affects our commitment to our goals, that’s why I want to offer the words of encouragement to so many people who are struggling at any stage of their life journey.  Motivation works in two ways for people, either way, let the bottom line be that you remain focused on your dream. Take the daily actions that leads to the expected results. With time, the breakthrough story will be told!

      Keeping working hard.

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