You Deserve Success, Believe it, and Act on It

You Deserve Success, Believe It and Act on It


Someone stated that “A lack of deservedness is a belief, it’s not a fact.” So it is better you question and examine any belief that suggests that you do not deserve to be successful. First of all, you need to understand what success is all about or what it means to you as a person.

Negative Beliefs Received From Others: Many of us have some beliefs that are holding us down and thereby making it hard for us to make the best use of our God-given potential. Some beliefs have been transferred from our parents, family members, friends, teachers, or other influential people in our lives. 

It could be that any of these people have told you or someone you know that they can’t make it, or even establish the line of how far the person can go in life. And some people consciously or consciously internalize what they heard as they are growing up.

Self Negative Belief: Also, it could be that you developed your belief of not deserving success like others, through some specific experiences you’ve had, and you have allowed the effect to affect your thoughts and self-confidence in some ways.

 For example, a person who have suffered some rejections either at school, work, sports or in relationships, failed business, career, failed marriage that was initially trusted; all these if not properly interpreted, and given the rightful perception can affect how the person can view life, view self, and others generally.

Have an Open Mind: Learn from the circumstances, and do not catastrophic, or wear the cap of victimhood. Any of these painful experiences affect individuals differently. The best approach is to not define your life by any of those. Instead, see them as a learning process, and gain the knowledge and courage to move on.

Undoubtedly, any negative events always affect our lives to different degrees. Some of these for some people serves as a negative trigger to suggest that there is no need to try again or trusting again. The person then settles as a loner, while nursing the belief that nothing works for him or her. It is the goal of this article to help you discourage such a line of thought or belief because it hinders growth in every area.

You Can Reverse Negative Beliefs

This is how some people develop negative beliefs about themselves, based on what they were told by others, and by the incidents in their lives. It is being said that it is not what happens to a person in life that matters, rather how a person reacts to what happened.

As far as life is concerned we will experience failures, setbacks, disappointments, rejection and losses at any phase of life. These are part of the process, to success, growth, and learning.

 In as much as we have to apply every caution, it also requires wisdom and understanding to avoid or minimize any of those experiences; but if after all precautionary measures are taken, and the outcome is not what is expected, don’t blame yourself, or feel as if that’s the end of the world.

Also, avoid comparing with others who have succeeded where you failed, which leads you to say something like “I said it, I know that I don’t deserve success.” I’m not like others, therefore, I  can’t get such a position, such money, such recognition, etc. Don’t see yourself in this frame of mindset.

Believe on What Is Possible


Believe that you can make it no matter how clumsy you think you are or some people who know you think you are. Instead, believe that success is possible to the extent we commit our efforts and abilities to work to achieve our goals or dreams in life.

To some people, the road to their success destination may be shorter and relatively smoother while for others, it could be longer and rougher, but with determination, consistent action taking and perseverance you will get there.

Often time, we look at ourselves and others in this journey and we feel intimidated. We feel and think that we are not smart enough, young, or hard-working, educated, or better looking like others we meet or compete with. Then your mind will tell you that those people are the ones who deserve to be at the front rolls in society, really? Not at all.

We are individuals and each of us is uniquely gifted and has what the other person may not have. Someone said that the only qualification for success is that “you must be you,” which entails that you make use of your positive traits combination of your strength to the fullest extent.

Reach Out to The Needy World and Offer What You Got

One of the wrong beliefs some people have, that have delayed or denied them their success is believing that things that are meant for you will come to you whether you seek them or not. You feel that the world will come to you, or that things will happen to us, instead of us making things happen to us.

The danger of such belief is like the story of a man who kept waiting for his ship to come in when he never sent one out. Also, some are believing in luck. We are meant to sell our talents to the world because nobody will know where you are unless you tell them where you are, who you are, and what you can offer. Life is about to give and take.

 We have been equipped with all the tools we need to succeed in this life. And we don’t need to forget that success is subjective. Some get intimidated or look at themselves as failures when they measure success only by the accumulation of wealth, money, education, and so forth. How to Avoid the Stumbling Blocks for Success

You have to remember that you succeeded from your conception to birth, and to your adulthood is an outstanding success! Out of the millions of Sperms that competed with you at conception, you outsmarted all. 😊 So this should cause you to believe that you’ve got what it takes to overcome every limitation, setback, disappointments, and wrong beliefs, You change wrong beliefs by replacing them with what is true and proven.

In conclusion, let’s be reminded that there are many confusing voices your ears will hear along your journey, choose what you listen to. There are many things that your eyes will see, choose where to focus,  and there are many thoughts that will be downloaded into your mind, choose what to think about. Certainly, you will make some mistakes, fail sometimes, feel discouraged sometimes, just get dusted up when you fall, and encourage yourself and move on.

Never succumb to pity party, self blames, and a state of helplessness which leads to defeat. Tell yourself that you got what it takes to make it in this life. Go for it and believe that you deserve success. You deserve, peace of mind, happiness, abundance, and enjoyment of your earned wealth! Congratulations on all you have been able to accomplish so far! You deserve success

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