Your Life Has a Story You Must Tell

Your Life Has a Story You Must Tell

Oh yes, your life has a story to share with the rest of the world. Have you told your story yet? If not be prepared for it. Yes, every life has a script, it depends on the possessor to read it intentionally.  Can I stop before we go on to ask you, What’s your life story? 

 What are the passions that fuel your energy?  What are the dreams that keep you awake at night?  We share who we are by sharing our life’s journey, your story can be your teenage failures and victories, it can be your college experience, your career choices, your family life, your marriage experience, your parenting experience, your financial, business, political, and spiritual. Your life has a story. And our stories have a very strong impact on our lives and others, for it is through our stories, or what we call testimony in the Christian circle that inspires, challenges, motivates, or discourages others to take negative action.

Our stories connect us and stir up emotions in people, and even you the sharer. Every day, consciously or unconsciously we’re listening to other people’s stories. We do that through the movies, the books we read,  and the internment browsing. Indeed, stories can motivate people to pursue their dreams,  and enable them to move from point A to point B;  because they have listened to other people’s stories of how they overcome their obstacles, the delays, the discouragements, the hardships, the rejections, and the cold seasons of their lives. And then become challenged to adjust their minds to confront their giants.  

Why Do Our Stories Matter?

For everyone we know, or have read about there was or is one thing that everyone including me and you are seeking for. We are all seeking a life that matters. We all want to be significant. That means that we want our lives to be counted for, to be recognized, valued, and be remembered for good.

 Nobody in any organization or group who is constantly ignored, bypassed should feel good and celebrate a life of mediocrity. We want to be called up, to be consulted, to be the breadwinner, the giver, and not the beggar. No responsible person wants to be insignificant and ignored by people just because you have not been able to tell your life story. Therefore, people have not seen the value you carry…

And the point is that they can see your value until you show them or share it. But the interesting is that our stories can change, which means we have the opportunity and potential to make our story great. I agree with the expression, that “one can make another great.” This is a reality because even God uses men to bless men.

 As I begin to experience life and learn about life and people, I come to the conclusion that life is indeed a mystery. It is full of questions, perplexities, with vague or no answers to many questions. But understand, that one has not found the answers to our questions does not mean that the answers are not there Instead it means that we have not been able to discover them. Could that be part of the reason why a rare group of people seems to live with what seems like instant success and significance, while the vast majority of people are still hustling and struggling to make ends meet.

But it is comforting and empowering when we know the truth and walk in the truth. Personally, as a person of faith I’m not discouraged, or let down because I know that my life is a big story, and the story is still developing. God has an amazing future for me, and a plan for my present. With this, I encourage you to keep focused and be determined to let the world hear your story.  It will not be told for people to feel sorry for you rather it will be to celebrate your victories and to inspire others to do good work. 

Overall, this article is a reminder of an internal alarm after reading it, that you owe it as debt to get your story told. Even though right now, it seems as if you have no track record of significant success, keep working on your goals, don’t get discouraged, and don’t fear the giants of obstacles and limitations; for they will be defeated and worked over. Keep hope alive. Remember someone is waiting for you to emerge with your dream!

We can train our minds to focus on what matters.

There are certain things that matter than others. For instance, we all crave success, but being significant has greater value.  Having the heart, the compassion of Mother Theresa is greater than being a self-centered successful person. Building relationships, serving others, instead of grabbing power to lord it over others is a better example. I believe that each and every one of us will do well if we can avoid what psychology calls the “Jonah Complex.”  It is seen as abnormal behavior of one abandoning his or her calling or your greatness.

 The truth is that we have to be responsible for our significance, our success. We have to persevere to do our very best and be our very best even when the results we hope for are slow to manifest. Count every slow or cold period as part of your preparation process. While we plan and persevere, let us major on our strengths and minor on our weaknesses. 

At this stage while we’re still waiting to be significant, we have to be training our minds, re-adjusting our false beliefs and expectations, as we listen to great leaders past and present, as we read, study, attend seminars, conferences, our faith clubs. We are to make sure that we are growing intentionally to be able to handle the manifestation of the greatness we have dreamed of. Finally, as we prepare to tell our lives’ stories, let us remain consistent in our values, there should be no regrets, shame, guilt, or retreats. We must be prepared to be ready to share our story, our audience is waiting for our arrival!

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